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Question:Can anyone tell me what are effects of air pollution on human living style? Thanks:)

Answers:Years ago, lead was added to gasoline to help lubricate the valves in the motor. When lead levels in newborn babies were shown to be alarmingly high, it was from the lead in gas. As soon as the lead was banned, the levels of lead in babies dropped. There are MANY more horror stories of how man made air and water pollution is affecting humans and all other life forms.


Answers:water, air, soil and living things are some of the things that we need to survive. ever have a salt water fishtank.. there are chemicals that you need to constantly balance because that is vital to the life you have in the fish tank. you need the right amount of salt, chlorine etc. altercations can kill your fish. same thing with earth. water needs to be at the right Ph balance to for sea creatures to live. with the emissions of CO2 it is actually lowering the water's Ph turning the water to acid which will effect sea life such as phytoplankton which is one of the marin life's main food sources and many other fish. also can make the water to acidic to drink. in the air too much carbon will suffocate and kill us. so water, air, soil and living things is important and we do need to do our best to take care of it.

Question:I can't find anything on it at all! I mean, what actually happens as a result of agricultural pollution. No, it doesn't affect the quality of crops. In fact it's the stuff that makes the crops grow better that pollutes rivers and can cause serious trouble for water supplies downstream. That's basically all I know, and I really need someone to tell me what gets into the water and how it affects things

Answers:Nitrates get into the water - the run-off from the land causes the growth of blue green algae and can cause the growth of other plant life - this is in ponds and lakes where the water is still not in streams where it can move along freely. This growth of algae and plant life will remove the oxygen from the water. The fish will then suffocate and die. Hope this helps

Question:NEED IT BY SUNDOWN TODAY 12/21/08

Answers:Water pollution is any chemical, physical or biological change in the quality of water that has a harmful effect on any living thing that drinks or uses or lives (in) it. When humans drink polluted water it often has serious effects on their health. Water pollution can also make water unsuited for the desired use. There are several classes of water pollutants. Water pollution is usually caused by human activities. Different human sources add to the pollution of water. There are two sorts of sources, point and nonpoint sources. Point sources discharge pollutants at specific locations through pipelines or sewers into the surface water. Nonpoint sources are sources that cannot be traced to a single site of discharge. Examples of point sources are: factories, sewage treatment plants, underground mines, oil wells, oil tankers and agriculture. Examples of nonpoint sources are: acid deposition from the air, traffic, pollutants that are spread through rivers and pollutants that enter the water through groundwater. Nonpoint pollution is hard to control because the perpetrators cannot be traced. for other detail you can check my source site

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Living Things :All living organisms must perform basic functions in order to remain alive. Living organisms have structural adaptations that allow them to survive and interact effectively in their environments.

Nancy Nichols on "Lake Effect" and Water Pollution :Nancy Nichols drew on her journalistic expertise while interviewing dozens of scientists, doctors, and environmentalists to determine if pollution could have played a role in her sister's death. While researching Sue's fatal cancer, she discovered her own: a vicious though treatable form of pancreatic cancer. Doctors and even family urged her to forget causes and concentrate on cures, but Nichols knew that it was relentless questioning that had led to her diagnosis. And that it is questioning by government as well as individuals that could save other lives. Lake Effect is the story of her investigation. It reaches back to their childhood in Waukegan, Illinois, an industrial town on Lake Michigan once known for good factory jobs and great fishing. Now Waukegan is famous for its Superfund sites: as one resident put it, asbestos to the north, PCBs to the south.