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[edit] Types of exercise. Exercises are generally grouped into three types depending on the overall effect they have on the human body: ...

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Question:From Albrecht, Stice and Stice's Financial Accounting, 10th edition book, what is the answer to chapter 2s, exercise 1 question?

Answers:Want to post the actual question here?

Question:I am looking to buy a book but can someone plz tell the difference b/w " algebra and trigonometry w/A G classic 12th edition" and one without "classic" edition. there was no difference mentioned only the price. Classic was expensive.

Answers:Here's features new in the Classic edition: * Packaged free with each book, the Interactive Video Skillbuilder CD-ROM contains more than eight hours of video instruction, featuring a 10-question Web quiz per section (the results of which can be emailed to the instructor), a test for each chapter with answers, and MathCue tutorial and quizzing software. * Discussion exercises have been added at the end of each chapter to promote further exploration of concepts and group-work. * New figures help students visualize concepts and interpret data. * Many new exercises have been added, including, in response to reviewers' suggestions, more exercises that ask students to demonstrate an understanding of the conceptual relationship of an equation and its graph. * The section on inverse functions now appears at the beginning of Chapter 5, rather than toward the end of Chapter 3. This moves the topic closer to its first use (with exponential and logarithmic functions).

Question:I was losing weight and was down to 124 Ibs but then it climbed up to 126 and it will not go back down! I made the mistake (?) of upping my exercise lots and doing an hour + on my resistance stationary bike as well as speed walking and calisthetics/toning for an hour. My thighs are solid muscle pretty much. But I do not want this. I want to get back down to 124. It isn't my diet as I eat 1600 calories or less. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT EXERCISE i NEED TO CUT DOWN ON/CUT OUT TO DROP SOME OF THIS MUSCLE AND LOSE WEIGHT AGAIN ? *sigh* it might be only 2 Ibs, but then there might be another 2 and another 2 and so on. How hard is it for someone to tell me what exercise to do that will not gain so much muscle?

Answers:You have to remember that muscle mass weighs more than fat. So when you work harder you're going to gain muscle which can put on weight. If you want to lose the muscle mass, you should probably cut back on the exercise. Unless you are an athlete in training, there really isn't a need to exercise more than 30-45 minutes a day. Furthermore, with the amount of exercising you do, a 1600 calorie diet probably isn't enough to maintain good health. I won't pretend to be a professional, but I'm guessing you are over obsessive about your weight. Throw away the scale and just learn to be happy with yourself. EDIT There is no one specific exercise to cut based on what you described. You need to cut your intensity and total amount of exercise. Your body needs about 1200 calories a day just to maintain basic functions. While you may only be consuming 1600 per day, if you are exercising for three hours at a high level every day, it won't be long before your body starts to eat muscle mass and/or your internal organs to provide the necessary energy. That is not healthy.

Question:I'm a little overweight and am working on a healthy diet and fitness plan. Basically I drink around 1.5 Litres of bottled water a day, I've cut off sweets and snacks completely and I've started eating more vegetables, trying to balance the intake of meat and other foods. When I exercise, I supposedly burn around 1000 calories, though I only exercise 4 days a week - and these exercises aren't very intense for me (so I don't get too tired or have muscle problems after each session). So if I were to exercise every day in a week (including weekends), losing 1000 calories a day, how many pounds or kg, taking into account my diet plan, would you think I'd lose after a month of training? Thanks in advance I explained it wrong, sorry, you're right. I'm just a little bit overweight, I love sports and I'm used to running a lot, that's why the exercises aren't very intense for me. Should've explained it better =P I run 45 mins/ hour a day, I sweat a lot and I do feel a little bit tired, but it's only about a quarter of the total "stamina" I could put into an exercise. Just want to point out that it's not useless exercise, I do feel the intensity of it, it's just not enough to completely tire me out Oh and I know that you burn a certain amount of calories without doing nothing a day, I want to know how much I'd lose in a month - knowing that I burn 1000 cals with my exercise and including the ones I burn naturally. I drink Ice cold water too btw

Answers:I think your looking at this wrong. Burning 1000 calories a day? With doing non-intense exercises...you are doing something really really wrong then. Not possible. The most you can burn running one mile is about 80. Which is the average amount for a grown adult. You are not getting the facts straight. You probably think your burning a lot, but I can be completely sure your definitely not burning the amount you think you are. What do you do to exercise? How overweight are you? You have to track ALL of your calories and no EXACTLY what your burning off. Give some additional details and I'll edit this and tell you some other dieting stuff. Take this into perspective: you actually BURN calories while you do NOTHING. You can burn a certain amount doing nothing, then you just eat less than the amount you can naturally burn and your losing weight! This is called your BMR level. Look it up. Is it ice cold water your drinking? You can burn up to 100 calories drinking 8 cups of ice cold water a day. There are 3000 calories in a pound, burn 3000 lose 1 pound. Dieting seems simple nowadays since I am no longer extreme dieting, I lost a lot of weight. But I still remember it's hard, strenuous, and something fit people don't take into perspective. EDIT: Ok. If you just burn the 1000, then you lose eat 800 calories a day(which is bad, try to eat atleast 100) then you will lose like 1 pound in 3 weeks...so at the most...thought if you burn the thousand, then you should eat atleast 1000 calories a day. The goal of any dieter is to burn more calories than they eat in any given day. If you eat 500 calories less than your regular amount, you can lose 1 pound in 1 week. Idk thou5 in a month? Dieting ranges in height, weight, age, gender, calories consumed, calories burned, and your overall day plan. So your diet should be unique. A diet needs to match a lifestyle and what you can compete with. I want you to look up a few things. Like how many calories you should eat, and look up how many you burn when running. I'm still not convinced you burn like 1000 though. You only burn 200 calories running for 30 minutes...so you have to accomodate these things into certain individual ideals...

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Editing Invitations :Editing invitations takes you into Jeff Anderson's sixth-grade classroom in San Antonio, Texas. As Jeff demonstrates how he naturally links grammar instruction to writer's craft through his "Invitations to Notice". The invitations are a warm-up activity used at the beginning of writing workshops to help students learn to pay close attention to mechanics, style, and craft. These quick exercises include whole-group examination of a sentence as a mentor text, focused practice, and discussion all in just a few minutes.

Continuity Editing :This was our 3rd technical exercise. In this piece I cut on motion from medium shots to close-ups. As the human eye is attracted to movement, this technique allows the viewer to follow the narrative without noticing the cuts. This procedure involves a rule of 'the 30 degree line'; this means that either the camera or the subject has to move at least 30 degrees to prevent 'jumps'. When using this line one should always stay 180 degrees on the one side of their subject while filming otherwise the viewer will become disorientated. However, if you wants to cross this imaginary 180 degree line you must show the camera following across this line clearly so that the viewer can figure out the placement of things within the space. I also used a shot that shows a car door and then the next shot the woman opening the door. This is another element of 'continuity editing' as the viewer will see the connection between the two shots; temporal continuity.