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Question:i am doing a school project for science. We have to study an ecosystem and do a large project (of any form)about it and the things that have happened to it. On the project criteria there is a list of ecosystems we can do but we are allowed to do anything, most of the class is doing one of the ones listed but i want to do something different. i want one that is interesting and will enable me to make a good and interesting project (in year 8 standards). thankyou for your help.

Answers:Here are a few ideas, perhaps one of these will suit your interests: 1. Temperate rainforests. These are relatively rare, typically occurring at mid-latitudes on the western coasts. A good example is the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia, Canada. http://www.savethegreatbear.org/ 2. How about an Antarctic ecosystem? Interesting because of the cold, remoteness, and the fact that humans are just starting to look at tapping into the icy continent's natural resources. http://www.doc.ic.ac.uk/~kpt/terraquest/va/science/environments/t.environments.html 3. At a smaller scale, you could consider a glacial ecosystem. Life actually exists on the surface of a temperate glacier, at least in summer, and includes "watermelon snow" (actually a form of algae), ice worms, and much more. http://www.myschoolhouse.com/courses/O/1/6.asp Good luck!

Question:I need to make a 3-D plutonium bohr model for class but I am having some trouble with finding good materials to hold the nucleus in the center. Any suggestions?

Answers:Styrofoam w/toothpicks.

Question:I am a high school student and we have to make a project on Pond ecosystem in Environmental Science. But I am at a total loss as I don't have any clue as to what we are supposed to be doing. So I'd appreciate it if any of you help me out. I just want some guidelines regarding the project....like what I'm supposed to do and note down while visiting the pond. I'd also be thankful if you put a helpful link to Pond Ecosystem with pictures.

Answers:http://www.geography.btinternet.co.uk/pond.htm http://www.certifiedaquascapecontractor.com/ponds.php http://www.pondowner.com/2006/03/pond-ecosystems.html

Question:I'm doing a project (the High School Assessment) and my project has to do with water pollution and stuff and i reallllllllly need help!

Answers:The main problem caused by water pollution is that it kills life that inhabits water-based ecosystems. Dead fish, birds, dolphins, and many other animals often wind up on beaches, killed by pollutants in their habitat.

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Ecosystem Dynamics :demonstrations.wolfram.com The Wolfram Demonstrations Project contains thousands of free interactive visualizations, with new entries added daily. Consider an ecosystem consisting of three trophic levels, 1 being the lowest and 3 the top predator level. Let the system be described by a set of differential equations, each representing the biomass dynamics of one of the three levels. The model is wi... Contributed by: Arne Eide

The importance of water -- project for school :i did a project 4 school.. i kno it suxx.. i just didnt want it 2 go 2 waste after i handed it in... so enjoy?