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Question:What tissue do humans use to detect touch? Do worms have such an organ? What tissue or organ (system) do humans use to detect hot and cold? Do worms have such and organ, tissue or system? Hypothesize why earth worms come to the surface of the ground when it rains? What physical changes would have to be made to an earthworm's body to enable it to survive in a desert? Is there any advantage for an organism having different parts of it's body more or less sensitive to it's enviroment?? HELP ME PLEASE! P.S. there is nothing about earthworms in the textbook. This was an assignment that the teacher got from somewhere else

Answers:Advise: open the biology book, find the chapter that explains earthworms and start reading. Before you do that, turn off the computer. After reading the chapter in the book, take a few minutes to think about the questions before answering them

Question:This can be physical,social,etc.. anything about the two THANKS

Answers:Both are similar in shape, and both lay eggs. And there all similarities and. Snakes live on the ground, hunt for prey, are vertebrates, have eyes, lungs, bones etc.... Earthworms live under the earth, eat organic detritus, are invertebrates and have no eyes, lungs, bones or even a brain.

Question:My mother is a type-2 diabetes patient.Her doctor put her on medication for diabetes.She is currently taking Glucophage.I'm not sure about the dosage,but,she takes one tablet with meals twice a day.She is worried about the side effects,as she heard from someone that taking Glucophage can damage your internal organs,namely the kidney.I tried finding out about this on medical websites,but I didn't find anything to support this suggestion...I just need to know whether taking Glucophage can really damage your organs or not? If it does,how so? What are the alternatives,and should my mother consult a different doctor?

Answers:Yes it can. My grandma and her sister both take it. I know there are alternatives, but I remember her saying she chose the glucophage because the doctor said it was far more effective. I know there are alternatives from talking to her about it, but I don't know what they are... sorry. I asked her because it gives her terrible TERRIBLE diarrhea right after she eats. Sometimes she doesn't make it to the restroom in time. It has really effected her whole life. She has a towel on the car seat when she drives because she has accidents in the car sometimes. She knows it is the glucophage because if she forgets to take it, that doesn't happen. I was shocked they both wanted to take a medicine that does that to them, but the doctor was really pushing it because it is so effective. Sorry I'm not more helpful with specifics, but there are other options.

Question:im doing a project on the arctic wolf and i need to find information about its internal organs and systems..... some intersesting things about there internal organs and structure to mabey?

Answers:Every other member of the canine family, so domestic dogs, foxes, jackals.

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