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Question:I have: Maths, english and QCS (this big test all students in my who want to go to uni state have to take and it determines our overall position and what courses we can do) which are all compulsary. Then I have: Music Music Extension Chemistry Modern History And since I do an extension subject, I also have spares. That basically means I get to hang in the library. Ahaha, it's heaps of fun and actually really good for getting work done because you have all the books and computers to use, with no facebook or Y!A distractions! For extra-curricular activities, I do: Choir Band Woodwind ensemble School musical Rotary club BQ: What are the teachers at your school like? Do you like them or are you just indifferent about them? Haha, whoops forgot a few things. When I said band before I meant our school's concert band and I play bass clarinet. Then I play clarinet in the jazz band. I take bass clarinet lessons and vocal lessons at school too.

Answers:My school doesn't give me the option to choose my classes, so this year I'm forced to have (all are at an advanced level) : - Maths - Physics & chemistry (we do more physics and less chemistry, though) - French literature & grammar - English literature & grammar - Spanish - History - Canadian history (beurk... We've been at it since the third grade.) - Gym / P.E. - Cultures & religion I don't do a lot of extra-curricular, as I'm aiming for a college and a university which are axed more on academics. I'm on the soccer team and take a lot of ballet classes, though. BQ: My teachers are all right, though most lack severely in trying to discipline the class. I love my English, French and History teachers. My Math teacher is fun and likes me, but I despise my Chem & Physics teacher.

Question:I'm thinking about choosing philosophy at school, but I don't know if I would like it? Can you say something like : people who are good at philosophy are usually good at blabla? :D like physics and math and chemistry are related. Do philosophy have any related subjects like that?

Answers:Philosophy is an important subject to learn theoretically and is quite interesting, but it is impractical in the modern age. If you are in high school or college I would not recommend it over a "rigid" course such as biology or chemistry. Philosophy is cool but it is hard to get a job with something related to it.

Question:I'm Scottish, 13, female (so will need a lot of quals) and about to choose subjects. I program as a hobby and would like to do so as a job. What subjects do I need to take? Could I have an answer fast? I need this for an assignment.

Answers:Why would you need more qualifications because you are female? What sort of programmer? I'm a scientific and technical programmer. I have a physics degree and an applied maths Masters. I got my current contract because I also speak fluent French, and the company in question has a huge French branch.

Question:Hello. I want to great a good website to teach mathematics. Now, I dont live in United States, so I don't know what subjects we learn each grade. Could you tell me what exactly, you learn in Grade 10 in High School? If possible, please write me in order. If you want FREE GMail Invites, just write your e-mail down your answer to my question and I will be glad to give you an invite for helping me out here. Thank you all.

Answers:It depends on the school and how advanced the student is in their aptitude and experience. Advanced algebra, geometry and trigonometry are all fairly common. Occasionally you see some calculus for some students.

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China, India, and Global Capitalism | The New School :Accumulation, Development, and Exclusion: China, India, and Global Capitalism INDIA CHINA INSTITUTE | www.newschool.edu The experiences of the global south have revealed that the growth-driven modernization projects have left in their wake a trail of marginalization, dispossession, disempowerment, and the displacement of segments of the population. How is a growth process that leads to exclusion legitimized and how are the citizen/subjects governed through organized practices? How do the excluded population reproduce the economic and social conditions of their existence? How can the process of development through accumulation-oriented growth be critically evaluated? And, what are the prospects, if any, of alternative forms of development beyond accumulation? A panel discussion examines these issues in the context of two of the fastest growing economies in the world China and India. The panel is part of a project to examine the theme development beyond accumulation from a Third World perspective. Participants: Partha Chatterjee, professor of political science at the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta, and professor of anthropology at Columbia University, New York. His works include Nationalist Thought and the Colonial World (1986), The Nation and its Fragments (1993), A Princely Impostor? The Strange and Universal History of the Kumar of Bhawal (2003), and The Politics of the Governed (2004). Duncan Foley, Leo Model Professor of Economics, New School for ...

US Capital Cities :This is intended for students and educators everywhere. A quick review of the capital cities of the United States of America. It starts out slow and then increases in speed. I challenge you to identify each capital city as it's state is revealed. Please note: The District of Columbia (DC) is not a state. It is a federal district. This region is counted as the supreme ruler over all our blessed United States of America. Please pray that our rulers always act in the best interests of the people. Please pray that our soldiers are protected, as they endeavor to bring the same freedoms that we enjoy, to our fellow brothers and sisters, of various nations of the world. GOD BLESS AMERICA! There is a website...50 state capitals that are identified with a map...each state and it's capital. www.50states.com I have no affiliation with this website nor can I attest to the contents thereof. I would have used their picture only I did not have official permission to do so. All photos contained herein are royalty free. Should you desire this film clip for your own personal/school use, simply email me with your request plus your regular or school email address and I will endeavor to email the file to you. No cost or obligation. Freely received and so freely give. Feel free to embed this on your website as well. Another note: "capitol" usually refers to a legislative building ,while "capital" usually refers to the city where the building is seated. Often these spellings are used ...