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Question:For the monomials 15a^3 and 5a^2, show, if possible, how they are added, subtracted, multiplied and divided. If an operation cannot be done, explain why this is. Thanks :)

Answers:You can't add them because the exponents are different, and same with subtraction: This is how you write them and you can't do more: 15a^3 + 5a^2 15a^3 - 5a^2 For multiplication, you multiply the numbers and add the exponents: (15*5)a^(3+2)=75a^5 For divison, you divide the numbers and subtract the exponents: (15/5)a^(3-2)= 3a So, you are just using exponent rules basically. Hope this helps!

Question:me and my friend would like to see what people can get all these correct and which problems are made the most mistakes of since we are both teachers. so solve them,and we would like to see which problems are done incorrectly the most divide these 1. 18x by 2 2. -35x to the 3rd power by 7x to the 2nd power 3. -12ab by 6a 4. 36a to the 4th b to the 3rd by 9a to the 2nd b to the 2nd 5. 7r to the 4th c by 7rc thank you for your time

Answers:Some how I doubt your statement but: 1) 9x 2) -5x 3) -2b 4) 4a^2b 5) r^3

Question:Create a unique example of dividing a polynomial by a monomial and provide the simplified form. (PLEASE) Explain, in complete sentences, the two ways used to simplify this expression and how you would check your quotient for accuracy.

Answers:(x - 2x + x 1) : ( x- 2)= the quotient 3x +4x+ 9 and reminder 17 Here is the method for calculation 3x +4x+ 9 ------------------------ ** x-2 / 3x - 2x + x 1 \ first 3x divide by x the result is 3x **** 3x - 6x *********** 3x multiply by ( x-2) ------------------- * - ******substraction *******4x + x **********divide again by x etc +4x *******4x -8x ********** 4x multiply by x-2 --------------------* -*******substraction ....etc *********+9x - 1 *********+9x -18 -----------------------* - ************+17 ***** here is the rest because 17 can t be divided by x you can do the same way for x +x-2 / 2x -0x + 3x - 2x + x 1 \

Question:please helpppp =/ 1) x12 ------------ x3 2)24x2y11 ---------------- 8xy6 3) 9x5 + 3x5 4) 9x5 X 3x5 5) (8m4)2 ---------------- 16m4 and can you go through the steps, very simply so i can get this. Thankks :)

Answers:1) To divide exponents, subtract them, so x^12/x^3 = x^(12-3) =x^9 2) divide constants,and subtract exponents with the same base answer = 3xy^5 To do the rest, look up rules for exponents and try them

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Dividing Monomials :An algebra video tutorial with three examples of dividing monomials.

Dividing Monomials :u11_l2_t5_we1 Dividing Monomials