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divide triangle into 3 equal parts

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Answers:It is delicate, but it can be done You can divide a regular hexagon into 6 equilateral triangles, by joining opposite summits, then you can divide each of those triangles into 4 equilateral triangles. You then have 24 small triangles, forming a ring of 18 triangles around a smaller hexagon of 6. Each group of 3 adjacent triangles -- 6 in all -- of the outer ring is thus one piece, and the inner hexagon is also 2 such groups. You thus have 8 groups of 3 small triangles, forming 8 equal parts. A drawing would help, I am sure; but I believe you can do one with the above indications. (At the intention of the answerer above and the one below, and any other who may have the wrong idea and try to answer: HEX means 6! A hexagon has 6 sides, it is NOT an 8 sided octagon)


Answers:divide it by 3

Question:I mean if a diameter is drawn is two equals but how to divide into 3 equals? please help.

Answers:from the center draw three radii out that are spaced 120 degrees apart. it should look like this http://www.visualfractions.com/IdentifyCircles/circle.gif forget about the shading and 2/3 thing, see how the circle is divided into 3.

Question:I need formula for dividing a line into 3 equal parts... one that work every time... any Ideas? i guess i put it wrong... I mean if you where graphing and wanted to find the midpoint i get how you would do that but how about if you wanted to know equal 3 ?????

Answers:I think you can do it without a formula. To find the midpoint, all you have to do is find the middle along the x axis, then the middle along the y axis. For example, a line from (0,0) to (2,8)... the midpoint on x would be 1, and the midpoint on y would be 4, right? So (1,4.) So for a three-way split, just do the same thing. For an easy example, a line from (0,0) to (6,27) Divide the x into thirds ... points at 2, 4, and 6. Then divide the y, points at 9, 18, and 27. So your thirds are at (2,9) (4,18) and (6,27).

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