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Question:Mrs Astoria has decided to retire to Miami Beeach and giver her 8-acre plot of land in downtown Manhatten to her 8 children. However, she tells her children they cannot have the land until they divide it into 8 parts equal in shape and size, Unfortunately for the children, the plot of land is in the shape of a pefect hexagon. How can it be done?

Answers:Try drawing a line down the exact middle of the hexagon, then another line on the other exact middle of the hexagon (make it so 2 lines are perpindicular) You now have 4 equal parts. Use a line connecting the two angles together making a cross. Hope u can understand what I said-would've been much easier on paper...

Question:The measure of the angles in one of the triangles must be? a. 30-30-30 b. 45-45-30 c. 45-45-45 d. 45-45-90



Answers:An infinite number of ways. Use two perpendicular lines going through the centre of the square. They can be at any angle to the sides of the square.


Answers:Picture two lines at 90 degrees to one another inside the square. You can start anywhere you like (perpendicular to the edges, diagonally, whatever). Now, rotate those lines together through 90 degrees inside the square, maintaining their center point (intersection) in the center of the square, allowing their length to increase and decrease as necessary to maintain their touch of the edges of the square. No matter how finely you adjust the rotation, you get four pieces that are equal, and unlike the pieces that will come before and after. Since the rotation can be adjusted with infinite precision, so ***there are an infinite number of possible ways to divide the square into four equal pieces, each way creating 4 pieces of a slightly different shape than any other 4***.

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How to Divide a Rectangle into 3 Equal Parts :I demonstrate how to divide any rectangle into three equal parts. To see all videos visit www.wix.com

To Divide a Line Segment into Three Equal Parts :We drew a line at an angle to the line segment. Then we made three arcs with a compass. We joined the last arc to the endpoint of the line segment and drew two parallels.