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divide a circle into 3 equal parts

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Question:I mean if a diameter is drawn is two equals but how to divide into 3 equals? please help.

Answers:from the center draw three radii out that are spaced 120 degrees apart. it should look like this http://www.visualfractions.com/IdentifyCircles/circle.gif forget about the shading and 2/3 thing, see how the circle is divided into 3.


Answers:Both answers above are incorrect. If the radius is R, the angle end of a chord - center - other end of the same chord is , then the area of each segment is equal to the area of the sector R /2 minus the area of the triangle R sin /2, what is 1/3 of the circle area: (1/2)R ( - sin ) = (1/3) R , or the required angle is the root of the transcendent equation - sin = 2 /3 Numerically 2.6053256 what is approximately 149 . Drawing 3 radiuses at 120 ('Mercedes' configuration) the circle is divided into 3 equiareal sectors, so a 120 segment area, being less then sector area, can not be 1/3 of the area of the circle.


Answers:8 = 2 ^ 3 is your clue. True story: My boss was arguing with a coworker on how Japanese swords were manufactured. He argued that they had 1000 layers, his coworker that they were folded over on each other 10 times. The two not too scientific guys din't realize that they were saying the same thing. Reminding them that 2 ^ 10 (2 to the power of 10) was 1024 settled the discussion. (Well it was in 1977, Elvis had just died and binary was not too popular.) So have you figured it out? Cut the circle in two along a diameter with your first cut Lay the two halves on top of each other and cut through on the mid line. Lay the four quarters on top of each other and cut them in half again. By folding you end up with 8 pieces of the pie with 3 cuts.

Question:I have ruler, protractor, pencil and paper. Does anyone know an easy way to disect/divide a circle into 5 equal parts?

Answers:You know that a circle spans 360 degrees. Divide this by 5 and you have 72 degrees. 1) Use the protractor (a semi-circle) to create a full circle. 2) Make a mark on the circle at 0 degrees. Make 4 more marks at 72, 144, 216, and 288 degrees. 3) From the center of the circle, draw a line segment out towards each of those marks. You now how 5 equal parts of a circle.

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