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Disadvantages of Water Pollution

Fresh sources of water are threatened by exploitation ecological degradation. Water pollution affects the delicate balance in the ecosystem which ultimately impacts the humans and other living organisms.  Water pollution effects depend upon the chemicals that are dumped in the particular water body. One of the ill effects is spread of diseases by intake of unclean water. It has been documented that water pollution is a wide range contributor to health problems and diseases to humans. It also impacts wild animals and environment.

Some of the disadvantages of water pollution are as follows:
  • Water pollution seriously affects the ecosystem.
  • Pesticide contamination in the ground water causes reproductive damage in the wildlife ecosystem.
  • Discharge of polluted water which contains organic material from sewage, agricultural run-off causes eutrophication.
  • Destroys life in the water based ecosystem which is polluted which in turn disrupts natural food chain.
  • Aquatic life is destroyed due to the non-biodegradable pesticides and chemicals.
  • Water pollution affects the microbial population.
  • There is a steep increase in the BOD levels of water.
  • Water pollution brings and imbalance in the host-parasite relationship in the ecosystem, this affects the food webs and food chain.
  • The organisms that depend on these water bodies are in grave danger. Consumption infected fish by other animals and humans may cause serious illness.
  • Water which has been contaminated by oil spills causes the death of water birds from exposure to cold and air due to feather damage.
  • There is bioaccumulation and biomagnifications of pesticides and hazardous chemicals like organochlorines like DDT, BHC, etc in animal bodies.
  • Water pollution causes disease like hepatitis in humans on consumption of seafood which is poisoned or contaminated.
  • Drinking contaminated water causes disease like cholera, skin diseases and can also cause cancer, reproductive problems, typhoid and stomach ailments.
  • Heavy metal poisoning in humans due to consumption of contaminated fish interferes with the proper function of the nervous system.
  • Contamination of ground water by pesticides can cause endocrine and reproductive problems to humans and animals.