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Disadvantages of Mathematical Model

The basic idea behind developing a mathematical model is to make things easier to explain certain application of science, economics, and political science or even sociology related theories.
The most intriguing part of such models is that these help understand the fundamental concepts in real world situation. These can come in any form varying from statistical models to gaming console.
The underlying point in such models is to make one understand the concepts in more in depth manner. The models throw up lot of interesting facts about the concepts and help in getting the basics of such theories.

Mathematical models also significantly reduces the time to come to an conclusion, true but these models also throws up some other valid points as well. Are these models good enough for all such situations that we come across every day? A mathematical model will not take into account the physical system, biotic or abiotic conditions that prevail in any particular region or country.
Secondly the formulas or rules that are applied to find a conclusion out of an impending situation may not give the actual scenario and only provide factual data. This leads to a situation where many points are either missed or are overlooked and ultimately leads to wrong conclusion.

To drive these points lets discuss some real life situation. The Asian tsunami and before that the Eastern India super cyclone that occurred in the recent past gave us a brief idea that around 200 thousand people died. The Governments came to conclusion about these numbers by taking into account the database that was available in their system. No one took into account the floating population that stayed in that area during that time. This lead to an conclusion that post catastrophe compensation provided was good enough and even during the rescue operation the Government departments were clueless about how many people needs to evacuated and how much of stationaries need to be distributed.

In both the above mentioned situation the data available in system were taken into consideration but not the real time head count.
Even for planning commission the entire five year planning is based on data and a number collected from citizens are again bereft of real facts and instead carries lots of inferences. The entire public distribution system depends upon these vital statistics but mathematical model won’t take into account the religious belief or stigmas into account and provide a different version of the entire thing.
Mathematical models are well accepted till these above mentioned fields are taken into consideration.