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Question:what are the advantages and disadvantage of drinking alcohol

Answers:Advantage: Have a great time at the party! Disadvantage: Bad for your liver in the long run.

Question:Advantages: Replacing Fluids: Through sweat, the body can lose a great deal of vitamins and fluids that are essential for proper functioning get full of these vitamins. Change of Pace from Water - Sports drinks also provide a change of pace from water. Essentially, water is the best thing to drink when you have been working out Some are Sugar-Free: find sugar-free sports drinks a sugar-free sports drink can be a healthy alternative to re-hydrate your body. Loaded with Carbohydrates - These drinks are ideal for getting carbohydrates into your body fast. Keep the muscles in the body full of fuel so that they can operate properly. Some Have High Levels of Protein - Many sports drinks also contain high amounts of protein.perform much better Easy to Digest - Another advantage is that sports drinks are easier to digest than food. Drinking fluids that contain vitamins and minerals help the body feel full and digest the essential elements that it needs to perform. Convenient and Easy to Take Along - Finally, sports drinks are easier to carry around with you. They are easily transportable and you can even reuse the bottles if you want to. Disadvantages: The Acidity in Sports Drinks Can Dissolve Teeth: These products are often full of sugar and sodium that can cling to the teeth and eat away at the protective enamel. Water is Replaced with Sports Drinks: Most people who drink sports energy drinks would be better off drinking water instead, only warranted after at least 45 minutes of strenuous cardiovascular or aerobic activity, such as running, jogging or playing a fast-paced sport. Full of Sugar - Sports drinks are full of vitamins and minerals, but most are also full of sugar. In fact, this is almost as much sugar as many soda drinks contain. To make it taste good, lead to: diabetes, high blood pressure and weight gain. Most Contain Caffeine - Caffeine is included in most sports energy drinks. Caffeine can be harmful to your nervous system if you use it for a long time. It can also lead to several other symptoms, such as sleeplessness, restlessness, dizziness and even hypertension. Pregnant women and women who are nursing should avoid sports drinks for this reason. Unproven Claims: They promise to improve your speed, endurance, concentration, focus, and even performance, but they do not have any proof or scientific evidence to prove this to consumers, can hurt the entire sports drink industry. Harmful if Mixed with Alcohol: mix a sports energy drink with alcohol, mixing a stimulant and a depressant, certain medications with alcohol, can lead to heart failure. http://www.lifescript.com/Body/Shape/Workout/Sports_Drinks_Exploring_The_Pros_And_Cons.aspx Isotonic Fluid Electrolytes and 6-8% carbohydrate Quickly replaces fluids lost by sweating and supplies a boost of carbohydrate. Choice for most athletes (middle and long distance running or team sports). Hypotonic Fluids Electrolytes and a low level of carbohydrate quickly replaces fluids lost by sweating. Suitable for athletes who need fluid without the boost of carbohydrate such as jockeys and gymnasts. Hypertonic High level of carbohydrate Used to supplement daily carbohydrate intake normally after exercise to top up muscle glycogen stores. Suitable for ultra distance events where high levels of energy are required and hypertonic drinks can be taken during exercise to meet the energy requirements. If used during exercise, hypertonic drinks need to be used in conjunction with Isotonic drinks to replace fluids. http://www.mamashealth.com/access/edrink.asp

Answers:yep, that about answers it

Question:are there any Advantages of drinking alcohol??

Answers:It makes women seem a little more attractive. Mind you, i think my wall lamp is pretty hot after a few beers

Question:Anyone know any really good alcohol drink recipies.

Answers:try this: in a blender., fill 3/4 full with crushed ice, add 1/2 cup frozen strawberries, add 5 oz. gin. (add another shot if you're brave) fill with pink lemon aid. blend for about 15 seconds. thus you hav a pitcher of Bloomer Droppers.

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Stop Drinking Alcohol | How to Stop Drinking Alcohol :www.ReallyGoodGuide.com -- Stop Drinking Alcohol Drinking alcohol is a widespread addiction. You have to chart your own course from the myriads of crisscrossing ways to stop drinking alcohol. You are the only person who can decide that you should be quitting it or not and so that determine the role of alcohol in your life is just by your self. You can not decide to quit it for the whole life at once, so decide a specific time to free alcohol for 4-5 weeks time period. Actually this time period will be extended as your proceed. During your time of free alcohol period, tell all your family and friends about your decision because it will give a sense of accountability and more motivation for your self. Reward yourself after you achieve each of your "alcohol-free" time period. This will keep you moving for stop drinking alcohol again and this is can be a more motivation for you. Collect information about the negative effect from drinking alcohol so that you will be able to convince yourself to stop drinking alcohol. To learn more & fast ways about stop drinking alcohol, please visit: www.ReallyGoodGuide.com

Alcoholism : How to Stop Drinking Alcohol :In order to stop drinking alcohol, a person has to want to stop drinking alcohol, and they usually reach this point by experiencing the consequences of their drinking. Discover how some alcoholics need to be detoxified when they stop drinking with help from a medical doctor that specializes in addiction psychiatry in this free video on alcoholism. Expert: Bernardo Savariego Contact: www.drsavariego.com Bio: Dr. Bernardo Savariego is a medical doctor and psychiatrist in Miami, Fla. Filmmaker: Paul Muller