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Disadvantages of Artificial Vegetative Propagation

Vegetative propagation is a type of asexual reproduction in plants which produces new organisms and does not involve the production of seeds or spores. It can be natural or can be induced. This type of reproduction is common to have desirable characteristics in a particular group of plants. Vegetative propagation is preferred to sexual reproduction for many reasons but mostly it preferred as it is an easy process and is a faster way to propagation of certain plants. In this method of artificial reproduction there are more amounts of clone produced and is better quality than the actual seedlings.

Man can interfere in many ways with plants so as to get a desired offspring. It is usually carried out to get healthy plants, desired characteristics and more faster and efficient rate of production of offspring.

The steps of artificial method include cutting, grafting and tissue culture.
  • Cutting is to cut stem from a plant and replanting it. Example: grapes, pineapple.
  • Grafting is to attach a part of plant to the base of another plant. It is mostly done in citrus plants and may be done in other plants also. It is important that plants involved in the graft process must be similar in their species.
  • Tissue culture is the growth of new offspring in a medium of culture that contains all substances necessary for growth. This method is carried out in sterile laboratory conditions.
Disadvantages of Artificial Vegetative Propagation are:
  • The plants do not have genetic variation and lose their vigor gradually.
  • There are more prone to diseases specific to the species which can result in the destruction of the entire crop.
  • As many plants are produced, it may result in overcrowding and lack of nutrients.
  • It can induce overcrowding.
  • As there is no genetic variation, the offspring are less adaptable to the environment.
  • If the parent has a disease all the offspring inherit the disease.
  • Plants that are air layered and cut plants generally do not have a strong root system
  • These plants may collapse in certain age.
  • In artificial vegetative propagation only few new individual plants are produced from a parent plant.
  • The parent plant will be burdened if they are air layered too much.