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Question:and where would you use them?

Answers:that image looks good

Question:What are some advantages and disadvantages of graphing and same for subsitution? which one is easier?

Answers:advantages to graphing is that it is faster if the numbers are easy to work with, like whole small numbers. The disadvantage would be for graphing equations with decimals or really big numbers would be hard to do accurately. Substitution is easier to use when the numbers or equations are hard to graph or there is no graph paper handy


Answers:Advantages: It gives you a nice visual representation of a function or equation. You can get a good idea of how the function behaves by looking at the graph. Disadvantages: you can't necessarily use it to solve a function for a particular value, because eyeballing a picture isn't as accurate as doing the algebra. Also, not all functions can be graphed easily

Question:Explain how a line graph is similar to a bar graph.

Answers:There is information on it, it has a title, labels, and more.

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Line graphs :Learn how to interpret and draw line graphs

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