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Question:I'm doing this big project for my school and I got into regionals so I have to fix it up a bit. Can someone help me on the difference between a primary source vs. a secondary source?

Answers:A primary source is an actual witness to the event; a secondary source is someone who tells you what someone else said, or a newspaper article or magazine article

Question:Cell as in battery cell. I understand that secondary cells can be recharged and used again, and that primary cells cannot, but I want to know why. What properties do secondary cells have that primary cells don't, that allows them to be recharged?

Answers:Primary cell: It is an electrochemical cell which acts as a source of electrical energy without being previously charged up by an electric current from an external source. Secondary cell: The cell in which electrical energy from an external source is first converted to chemical energy and then made to operate in opposite direction by removing the external source. In this cell, the reaction can be reversed practically. It can be recharged after its discharging. More clear cut explanation from the electrochemistry chapter from the following resource.

Question:cell like a battery cell

Answers:primary cell can be used once i.e the reaction in a primary cell is irreversible . example-dry cell. secondary cell is that in which the cell can be used again by recharging i.e the the reaction in a secondary cell is reversible. example-lead-acid battery.


Answers:The main difference is the energy source. In primary active transport, a substance is moved across a cell membrane as a direct result of the cell accessing energy from ATP. In secondary active transport, the energy for the transport is instead derived from a differential in concentrations of a second substance; this differential is usually achieved with primary active transport.

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