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Question:What does the animal cell have that the plant cell doesn't have? or what does the plant cell have that the animal cell doesn't have? Maybe like one of those ven diagrams?

Answers:A plant cell has a cell wall and chloroplast. Animals don't

Question:I have some interesting facts about what a plant cell has that an animal cell doesnt, but I need some more information on animal cells for my vendiagram

Answers:animal cells- lysosomes, small vacuoles on outside, have a flagella or cilia to move it plant cells- chloroplast, central vacuole, chlorophyll, cell wall

Question:our teacher told us to state their difference... she said that if she were to present two pictures of a cell (one for plant ,the other for animal) how would we distinguish each. yeah well... someone already said that animal cells are round...but our teacher said it's not the answer... the plant cell....i might as well tried what you said...

Answers:sbi s txt book, contrary to what the other one said above, both animal and plants have vacuoles. larger lng ung s plant ksa s animal. Or is it vice versa? well i know one thing, uunahan kta s pag-sgot! and tnx 4 the answers!

Question:If you also can, tell me EVERYTHING you know about animal cells.

Answers:plant cells have cell walls and clorophyll. plant cells have a large central vacuole while animal cells may have one or more small vacuoles