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Question:need answers.......................

Answers:All C-C single bonds = alkane At least C-C one double bond = alkene At least C-C one triple bond = alkyne

Question:Thanks for telling me. Answers appreciated :)

Answers:All the C-C bonds in an alkane are single bonds. At least one C-C bond in an alkene is a double bond. At least one C-C bond in an alkyne is a triple bond. And remember, it takes alkynes to make a world.

Question:I'm very confused about this for my chemistry final... 10 pts will be awarded to best answer! Thank you!

Answers:Alkane, alkene and alkyne are hydrocarbon Alkane is saturated hydrocarbon (containing single bond) and gives substitution reaction. Alkene is unsaturated hydrocarbon (containing double bond) and give addition reaction. Alkyne is unsaturated hydrocarbon (containing triple bond ) and give both addition and substitution reaction. How to distinguish between Alkane and Alkene Alkene decolourizes reddish brown bromine solution. But Alkane does not. e.g. CH2=CH2 + Br2 (reddish brown) ---------> CH2Br-CH2Br (colourless) ethene ethene dibromide CH3 - CH3 + Br2 ---------> no decolourization ethane Alkene and Alkyne Alkyne give red precipitate on mixing with ammoniacal copper (I) chloride. But Alkene does not. C2H2 + Cu2Cl2 + 2NH3 = C2Cu2 + 2 NH4Cl Ethyne (acetylene) dicopper acetylide(red ppt) (metal such as copper replace the triple bonded hydrogen from the ethyne) CH2=CH2 + Cu2Cl2 + NH3 = no reaction(because there is no replaceable or acidic hydrogen to be replaced by copper)

Question:Which (alkanes, alkenes or alkynes) have a) higher bp and mp and b) more soluble in water?

Answers:all three have neglibigle solubility in water but the alkynes have the most; primarily due to similar densities. Alkynes have higher boiling points than alkanes or alkenes, because the electric field of an alkyne, with its increased number of weakly held pi electrons because of the triple bond. Because of these weakly held election its electric feild is more easily distorted, producing stronger attractive forces between molecules. This holds the molecules together at higher temps preventing vaporization.