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Question:I'm a ninth grader and I'm about to take Algebra 2. But I took Algebra 1 in 7th and Geometry in 8th And I was just curious, What is the difference between Algebra 1 and Algebra 2?

Answers:algebra 1 or elementary algebra, is for begginners, it includes the rules of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing integers and polynomial. It also includes rules of exponents. once you learned these basic tools in Algebra 1 ... you'll need to apply it in Algebra 2 or intermediate algebra, there are aspects in algebra 2 that you'll need to apply these basic tools; like linear equation, quadratic equation, radical equation and a lot more............ To generalize it all : ALGEBRA 1 is for NOVICE, while ALGEBRA 2 is for WHIZ

Question:like could you give an example of an algebra 1 equation vs. an algebra 2 equation?

Answers:well algebra 2 is 1 more thank algebra one :) your welcome for the answer...

Question:I took algebra 1 last year, and this year I borrowed an algebra 2 textbook from my teacher to better prepare for next year. However, after flipping through the whole book, I found it to be the same as algebra 1. Is algebra 2 just reviewing algebra 1? I though there would be many new things to learn, but it seems like everything in algebra 2 I already learned last year.

Answers:Algebra 1, as I understand it, is like "Basic (High school / advanced) Algebra. Algebra 2 is the start of College Algebra. You will DEFINITELY notice a difference as the course goes on.

Question:Whats the difference between algebra and algebra 1/2

Answers:These are most likely course codes that your school uses; there is no standard "algebra 1/2". By the name, I would assume that the school takes 2 semesters of 'algebra 1/2' to cover the same amount of material that 'algebra' covers in one semester. 'Algebra' is most likely an accelerated version of 'algebra 1/2'. Again, this is just a guess.