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Question:Select 3 properties and for each property identify the property and explain it in terms of the physical/chemical nature of water. For each property then describe one example of how the property affects the functioning of living organisms. HELP PLEASE ASAP.

Answers:*The high boiling point of water is because of hydrogen bonding. Strong intramolecular force of hydrogen bonding cause water molecules to stick to themselves. Water is often seen in the liquid phase in atmospheric conditions, and it takes a long time to evaporate. This is important for life because it can absorb a great deal of energy before vaporizing. Vital for life since life isn't known to exist in the vapor phase. *Water's high surface tension drives capillary waves - waves travelling between the interface of two liquids. These are often referred to as as "ripples." Important for life - in plants this allows for water to travel up from the roots to the other areas of the plants. (Though, too much water would cause the plant cells to burst.) *all major component of cells are dissolved in water - (DNA, proteins and polysaccharides.)

Question:I need to know definitions for hydrophobic and hydrophilic, and to have the description of the molecular property of water which gives rise to this behaviour. Many thanks. x

Answers:hydrophobic-water hating; hydrophilic-water loving; water is dipolar, so it is hydrophilic and likes to hang out with other hydrophilic substances, such as sugars, but not hydrophobic substances, such as lipids.

Question:I need help please......Briefly describe 2 properties of water and how each property is important to life functions?

Answers:Lancenigo di Villorba (TV), Italy You asked :"Briefly describe 2 properties of water and how each property is important to life functions?" MY ANSWER IS :"WATER IS A FLUID WHERE LIFE MAY BEGIN ITS EVOLUTION FROM PROTEINs. METHANE OR AMMONIA DIDN'T BECAUSE WATER IS DIFFERENT FLUID, IT'S A FLUID : - having High Dipolar Moment (e.g. polar molecule), so Water may acts effective Solvatation onto Polar Molecules like Proteins are ; - having High Boiling Point, so Water keep unchanged Mass' Amount of its Vats. I hope this helps you.

Question:Describe reasons the paper's physical properties are different from the water's physical properties. Hint: water is H2O paper is a hydrocarbon CxHx -3

Answers:Maybe because they are 2 different things..

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Properties of Water :Created for a grad school class - this is part of a presentation I do for my students about the basic properties of water.

The Properties of Water :This video illustrates whats going on with water below the surface. The naked eye cant see it, but hydrogen bonds are responsible for how water affects our everyday lives. The main character, Ed, is pleasantly surprised throughout his day with waters unique properties. He, like many people, has never thought about what makes water act the way it does. It takes a little while, but finally Ed understands that waters unique properties are due to hydrogen bonds unique characteristics. Hydrogen bonds occur when a hydrogen molecules slightly positive end is attracted to an oxygen molecules negative end. This attraction of opposites is called polarity. Once hydrogen bonds form due to polarity of electrons, they are variable, temporary, and weak. From these three characteristics, the four properties of water arise: cohesion, adhesion, high specific heat, solvency. Throughout his daily routine, Ed recognizes that these visible properties of water are caused by hydrogen bonds. Although Ed cant see the hydrogen bonds he can notice the properties of water in the context of everyday activities.