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density of hydrogen peroxide

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Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide ( H 2 O 2) is an oxidizer commonly used as a bleach. It is a clear liquid, slightly more viscous than water, that appears colorless in dilute solution. It is used as a disinfectant, antiseptic, oxidizer, and in rocket ry as a propellant. The oxidizing capacity of hydrogen

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Question:How do I find the Molarity of the solution??

Answers:30% H2O2 70% H2O Assume 1 liter of solution. If the density of the solution is 1.11g/ml, then the 1 liter of solution would have a mass of (1.11g/ml)(1000ml/L)= 1110 g 30% of 1110 g = .30 x 1110 g = 333g Molecular weight of H2O2 is 2 x 1.0 + 2 x 16.0 = 34.0 333g(1 mole/34.0g) = 9.79 moles Since you assume 1 liter, you have 9.79moles/liter Round to two significant figures. Molarity is 9.8

Question:A solution of hydrogen peroxide is 30.0% H2O2 by weight and has a density of 1.11 g cm-3. The molarity (M) of the solution is? Ok, I know that M(H2O2) = 34 and M(H20) = 18 Now 30.0% H2O2 by weigh means that 30% of the total mass is H202 Can we now assume that we have 1L of the solution an calculate the mass of the solution so: mass = density x volume mass = 1.11 x 1 = 1.11 whick would be translated in 1110g So 30% of 1110 is 333g n(H2O2)= 333 / 34 = 9.794 mol So the molarity of the solution is 9.794M Is that correct?

Answers:Good job.

Question:10 physical properties and 10 chemical properties of hydrogen peroxide

Answers:Physical: almost colorless, less volatile than water, denser than water, more viscous than water, miscible in water. mp: -.41 deg C bp: 150.2 deg C density: 1.6434 g/cm3 (solid at -4.5 C) 1.4425 at 25C Viscosity: 1.245 centipoise (20C) vapor pressure (@ 25C) 1.9mmHg dielectric constant: (25C) 70.7 Electric conductivity (25C) 5.1E-8 ohm^-1 cm^-1 standard heat of formation -187.6 kJ/mol standard gibbs free energy of formation: -118.0 kJ/mol Chemical: spontaneously disproportionates decomposition strongly catalyzed by metal surfaces (Platinum, Silver) can act as oxidizing or reducing agent (in both acidic and basic solutions) evolves O2 when a reducing agent can undergo proton acid/base reactions to form peroxonium salts, hydroperoxides, and peroxides somewhat stronger acid than water (pKa=11.65) much weaker base than water (by a a 10^6 factor) used in the production of epoxides, propylene oxide, and caprolactones, hydroquinone, and many pharmaceuticals and food products environmental applications include pollution treatment by oxidizing cyanides and sulfides, and restoring aerobic conditions to sewage waters. replaces chlorine in industrial bleach because H2O and O2 decomp. products That should be a start.

Question:What I know: vol of hydrogen peroxide sample is 8.72ml mass of hydrogen peroxide sample is 8.72g barometric pressure in lab is 764.29 mm HG temp in lab is 21 celcius vol of oxygen gas collected is 99.4 mL 1) How many moles of oxygen were collected n= .0821 x 284 divided by 1atm x 99.4 mL n=.23 moles that doesnt seem right :( 2) using the balanced equation (there is twice as much h202 needed as o2 produced). What is the molarity of the hydrogen peroxide solution? It would be double my answer in #1, but i dont think that answer is right 3) what is the mass percent hydrogen peroxide if the density is 1.00g/ml 4) calculate the volume of oxygen gas that would be produced upon the decomposition of 10ml of 30%(m/m) aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution. Assume the gas is collected at 1atm and 25 degrees celcius and density of hydrogen peroxide is 1.11g/mL.

Answers:I1) PV = nRT n = PV/RT. I think you got it upside down. Convert P to atm, V to L, if you are using R in L atm mol-1 K-1. ALWAYS write down the units and you won't go wrong. 2) Take number of moles in (1). Double it cos q tells you to. then use molarity x volume (L) = number of moles. That should get you started.

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Hydrogen Peroxide :Quite on the contrary, 35% Food-grade Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is safe to handle. Read more on H2O2 at merahza.wordpress.com

Hydrogen Peroxide :A quick video before water polo practice. I really rushed it and basically clicked "save" right at the moment that I had to leave for practice. Sorry for the little technical mistakes here and there. Enjoy! Amy Fan Comment, rate, subscribe! PS Cold pools suck. :[