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Question:write each percent as a fraction in simplest form and has a decimal its 37.5% and for a decimal i got 0.375 but idk the fraction what is it? and also 95% is the fraction in simplest form 19/20? and the decimal 0.95?

Answers:75 / 200 = 0.375 = 3 / 8

Question:.18 as a fraction in simplest form

Answers:.18 is the same thing as 18/100. The simplest form of that fraction would be 9/50

Question:I am doing homework and can't figure out this fraction to do my homework!

Answers:First turn the 15% into a decimal take 15 & divide it by 100 yo get 0.15 the rename 0.15 as a fraction the 5 is the last number and is in the hundredths place, so 15 is the numerator and the 100 is the denominator. 0.15 rename as 15/100 then simplest form would be 3/20

Question:i don't get how to change it to a fraction i get realy confussed

Answers:14% = 0.14 = 14/100 = 7/50

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