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definition of scientific attitude

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Question:10 traits or scientific attitudes of a scientificbiologist?

Answers:patience -in waiting fOr resuLts Of experiments, perseverance -in cOntinuing xperiments accepting authorithy -by using the findings suspending judgement -sufficient ObservatiOns truthfuLness -in reporting nd' stating things cOnstant awareness -xpLain aLL phenOmena humiLity -accepting OpiniOns -> sOrry if it is nOt cOmpLete! but i wish dat it heLp a LOt!


Answers:1. Rational 2. Imaginitive Well, that's only 2. And only GOOD scientists have those traits.


Answers:is it something that can be empirically proven or for which there is documented evidence?

Question:When I was a student in grade school, I was taught that a theory was a plausible explanation for phenomena which we could not be absolutely certain about. Many years later, I was in a college science course when my prof announced that just because a theory has not been proven that that does not mean the theory is not a solid fact. So which way is it? Hey KYKYGOO, I wasn't trying to spell possible, I was using an entirely different word. That word is "plausible", which means "seeming to be probable; appearing to be trustworthy or believable". Thanks for trying...

Answers:A theory is a plausible explanation for phenomena that is *supported by evidence*. The more evidence, the more it approaches the status of accepted *fact*. But it is never considered absolutely "proven" because you can never eliminate the possiblity of one of the following: 1) A piece of solid evidence that is inconsistent with the theory; 2) A better (simpler) theory that explains the same evidence. So I would not say that a theory ever becomes "proven fact" .... but rather that the theory is always on approach to being *accepted* as fact, the more evidence is produced. For example, the Copernican Theory holds that the earth orbits the sun. The evidence for that theory is so overwhelming that it is *accepted* as fact. However, a true scientist still calls it a "theory" not a "fact". The same holds for ALL theories in science.

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Adopt Scientific attitude :This is an extract of the speech which was delivered By Mr.Avtar Singh Gill the Head of Tarksheel Society of Canada in a retirement function on 3 June 2010. I upload this video because a message of scientific attitude is delivered by him.

Strange scientific Attitude :Scientific program stopped becoz they were not getting the desired result. That WE CALL RATIONAL SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY????????????