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Daily use English Sentences

English is a well-spoken language, which is extensively used to communicate with people around the world. This language is used in universities, aviation, research work, media and news sectors and many other sectors. It is mentioned as one of the official languages in India. Apart from India, it is used in many countries such as Bahamas, Canada, Ireland, Philippines, Singapore, Jamaica, South Africa and others. Nowadays, students must know English to get their desired job in different sectors. Additionally, knowing English is well-accepted and essential in all manners. Students should know English properly to make their daily conversation constructive and understandable.

Spoken English exercises are available online and hence, students can collect and practice these exercises to make their communication skill better. Additionally, they can take online sessions to understand the basic grammar and implementation of right words. Through these online learning sessions, students can improve their pronunciation, as well. Right pronunciation is also important for English communication. Additionally, students can get some relevant books for daily use English sentences. By following these books, they can improve their understanding in English. Moreover, students need to learn English in a step-by-step manner. First, they should follow some basic chapters and consequently, they should learn the advanced level.

English sentences used in daily life should be simple and short. Students can use some simple sentences. They can include some greetings and exclamatory words to make their conversation easy. Additionally, they can use some general phases, as well. For instance, ‘I hate being bored’. Students are advised to use ‘please’ and ‘kindly’ to make their expressions polite. ‘Kindly convey my regards’; ‘sorry for the inconvenience’ are the examples of some polite sentences. Moreover, students can include some common phrases in their conversation including ‘be careful’, ‘thanks for the help’, ‘take care’ and many others.

Some random common sentences are:
Math is difficult to learn.
I went to my native by bus.
I am doing some private tuitions.
This cup is broken.
They will be right back.
What is your address?
I am planning to do spoken English course.

Knowing tense is essential to form sentences in a right manner. For daily conversations, students can use simple sentences. They can use simple present tense or simple past tense. If the action is still going on, then they should use present continuous tense. Moreover, English sentences for daily use should be well-structured and comprehensive.

Some useful examples are mentioned below:
I do my homework daily.
He did his M.A in English.
My mother is preparing some special dishes.
I stayed home all day.
I gave my all old books to my cousin.
I follow some Hindu rituals.
Students should watch news channels.