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Botanical Names of Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are very healthy for the human body and we need to have them on a daily basis as well for overall growth. They could be highly beneficial for the human body as they are good sources of vitamins. 
The deficiency of vitamins can cause various diseases in the human body. 
A good intake of fruits and vegetables can prevent these diseases. 

The vegetables are usually known names but they can be known by their botanical names as well. The botanical names can be very tough to remember and understand. 
That is why most of the people use their common names rather than their botanical names. 
The botanical names of vegetables can be very informative. They have to be learnt with diligence. 
One such vegetable is cabbage; the botanical name for the same is brassica oleracea. 
Now this is bit tough to remember. Some of the fruits also fall in the category of vegetables. The tomato can be another example.
The botanical names of vegetables can be interesting to learn. But proper attention must be given to learn them proper. 
Some of the other vegetables that can of interest are garlic, and cucumber. 

Garlic is one such vegetable which is very beneficial to the human body. It is highly used in the Indian cuisine. 
The botanical name of this vegetable is Allium Sativum. So, this name can be a bit tough to remember. Therefore the general name is commonly used. Similarly the botanical for the vegetable cucumber is cucumis sativus. 

There are other vegetables as well whose botanical names can be interesting to learn.
Those vegetables are namely summer squash and the winter squash. The botanical names for them are cucurbita pepo and cucurbita spp respectively.
The names are similar to each other and should not be used interchangeably as the names will go wrong. So, one has to be very careful while using the names.

The botanical names of vegetables are core part of the biological sciences. Many people would not know the vegetables by their botanical names but instead the vegetables are known by their common names. This is mainly because the general names are easy to remember and easy to pronounce as well. But the botanical names difficult to pronounce and sometimes difficult to remember as well. 
So, greater effort is needed to remember the botanical names. The people interested in learning the botanical names must take greater interest in learning them whereas the common names can be easily learnt without much effort.

But once the botanical names are learnt it gives a sense of satisfaction for the person. Persons with interest in the subject of biology can do this easily. 
There are botanical names for fruits as well. Similarly, for the animals and birds they can be known by their scientific names. These are learnt in the lower classes. But again they are tough to learn and remember. 
So, people remember only by these general names. 

The study of plant and animal kingdom can be very interesting with their botanical names and the scientific names. 
Biology is an interesting branch of science. There are various vitamins present in the vegetables one consumes. The summer squash can be a good source of vitamin C and vitamin B6. 
It also contains Vitamin A. So, it is a good source of vitamins.
In addition it also contains minerals like Calcium, Magnesium and Iron. 
The minerals are also very important for the human body as they help in various functions of the body. 
Intake of Vitamins and Minerals is very important for the body; deficiency of these can cause diseases for the human body. 
So, they must be consumed in optimum quantity.