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born with both female and male parts

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A Child Is Born (book)

A Child Is Born (full title: A Child Is Born: The drama of life before birth in unprecedented photographs. A practical guide for the expectant mother; original Swedish title: Ett barn blir till) is a 1965 photographic book by Swedish photojournalistLennart Nilsson. The book consists of photographs charting the development of the human embryo and foetus from conception to birth; it is reportedly the best-selling illustrated book ever published. Nilsson's photographs are accompanied by text, written by doctors, describing prenatal development and offering advice on antenatal care. The images were among the first of developing foetuses to reach a wide popular audience. Their reproduction in the April 30, 1965 edition of Lifemagazine sparked so much interest that the entire print run, of eight million copies, sold out within four days; they won Nilsson the American National Press Association Picture of the Year award, and reached a sufficiently iconic status to be chosen for launch into space aboard theNASA probes Voyager 1andVoyager 2. The book and its images have figured in debates aboutabortion and the beginning of life, and the book is the subject of a substantial body of feminist critique.


The book proceeds along two "tracks": one series of photographs and accompanying text depict the development of the foetus from conception through to birth; the other shows a woman and her partner as her pregnancy progresses. Early images show sperm proceeding toward an ovum; cell division, implantation, and the development of the embryo are then illustrated. The text accompanying the photographs of the woman supplies some antenatal care advice.


Life, an American magazine, marked the publication of A Child Is Born by reproducing in its 30 April 1965 edition 16 of the book's photographs. The pictures were run simultaneously in the BritishSunday Timesand inParis Match. All eight million printed copies of Life containing the images sold out within four days. The book became reportedly the all-time best-selling illustrated book published; its ubiquity led the academicBarbara Duden to deem it and its pictures "part of the mental universe of our time". Images, text, and diagrams from the book have been reproduced in works as diverse as guides to child protection, development science and anatomy textbooks, and pregnancy manuals. It is widely cited as a pregnancy resource in parenting manuals, and the academic Rebecca Kukla has argued that the book was so culturally influential as to have mediated and to some extent determined the way pregnant women understand their own pregnancies. Images from the book were sent into space aboard the Voyager 1andVoyager 2space probes. TheAmerican Library Association regards it, alongside Gray's Anatomy, as a core medical reference work for libraries.

The book was often cited as presenting the first images of a live foetus in utero. In fact, Geraldine Flanagan's The First Nine Months Of Life had in 1962 compiled a similar set of foetal images from medical archives.

The images played an important role in debates about abortion and the beginning of human life. Nilsson himself declined to comment on the origins of some of the photographs' subjects, which in fact included many images of terminated and miscarried foetuses: all but one of the images that appeared in Life were of foetuses that had been surgically removed from the womb. Nilsson also refused to be drawn on the question of the point at which life begins, describing himself as a journalist and the debate as one for other authorities. Pro-life campaigners perceived and presented the book's images as evidence that a foetus is a well-developed, discrete human person from well before birth. Pro-choice activists, on the other hand, have portrayed the images (and the technology they represent) as evidence of medical and imaging techniques that now allow serious foetal defects to be detected very early and furnish pregnant parents with more information upon which to base choices. Some critics have described as ironic the image's popularity with pro-life campaigners who argue that the foetus is a living human, given that many of them depict (surgically or spontaneously) aborted foetuses.

Both the popularity of the images with pro-life campaigners and the photographic techniques, which have been described as eliding the presence of the woman in whose womb the foetus is developing, have made the book the subject of substantial feminist critique. Some of these criticisms have addressed the book's language, which often describes the photographs' subjects as "persons" or "babies". Others argue that the focus on the foetus that the book promoted rendered the woman in whose body it was developing invisible and unimportant, or contributed to an atmosphere in which the woman and the foetus were seen as remote, opposite, and in competition with one another for rights and personhood. Others, though, have described Nilsson's book as placing the story of foetal development firmly within the context of the woman's body and life. Some scholars have sought to deconstruct the techniques used and choices made in the images' production, pointing out for example that lighting magnification is used to give month-old foetuses the appearance of a much more viable six-month-old, and lightning techniques used to replace the foetus's deep red skin tone with a "baby-like" pink or gold tone.

Publishing history

By the first decade of the 21st century the book had reached a fourth edition and been published in 20 countries. A CD version of the book was produced in 1994, rendering the images interactive. How Was I Born?, an adaptation of the book's text for children, featured many of the same images.

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Question:I wanted to get to the bottom of this because there are to many stories of yes and no. What is a shemale and all those other things?

Answers:People who have both male and female genitalia are called a hermaphrodite.

Question:Are there any good young adult books for both male and female? I am a freshman in high school. My LA teacher wants the class to introduce books that both female and male might enjoy (he doesn t want harry potter). So far I can only think of the hunger games series are there any good suggestions? I like action and maybe a little romance, but it doesn t have to involve any if it s a good book Thank you in advance (:

Answers:you should defiantly try the cherub series despite how it sounds it is about child spies but with a very nit grity feel to it. and a bit of romance but defiantly give it a go i have read all 12 so far and are impossible to put down

Question:Please tell me what sud be the proportion of male and female sex hormone leve in a male?

Answers:Jolly, I am sorry I don't have exact proportions but I hope this helps some. ~american girl ps I got it off the internet. The differences between female hormones and male hormones may not be as specific as you might think. The definition of a hormone is a chemical substance produced by an endocrine gland that has a specific effect on the activities of other organs in the body. The major female and male hormones can be classified as estrogens or androgens. Both classes of male and female hormones are present in both males and females alike, but in vastly different amounts. Most men produce 6-8 mg of the male hormone testosterone (an androgen) per day, compared to most women who produce 0.5 mg daily. Female hormones, estrogens, are also present in both sexes, but in larger amounts for women.

Question:I know that this is a possible disorder and it causes aggressive and/or Anti-social behavior. I just can't find a name or how common it is.

Answers:Yes, it is XYY and it is uncommon. However, if you have this abnormality, you are unlikely to ever know it. The tendency to violence with this abnormality is largely discredited, most evidence shows no abnormal tendencies in these people. See the website below for more information and read the special chapter in the referenced book for an even more fascinating analysis of this question. Edit: I have looked into it a bit more and have found that the name of the condition is Jacobs Syndrome. As to the question about whether it is possible, it certainly is possible. It happens during meiosis II, when there is nondisjunction of sister chromatids of the Y chromosome, resulting in both sister chromatids in one cell and none in the other cell. Nondisjunction means that the chromatids are normally supposed to split apart, one going into each cell, but that doesn't happen.

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