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Question:So the male has blood type O. The female has blood type AB. The child also has blood type AB. But i heard on a fictional TV programme that it is impossible for a male with blood type O to have a child with blood type AB despite what the mothers blood type is./ Is this true or merely fiction?

Answers:blood types A and B are co dominant so this is why the female can be AB as she carries an A and a B allele which are both expressed, type O is recessive to both so the male has 2 O alleles. When these 2 have a child, it will have either blood group A (one A allele and one O allele) or blood group B (one B allele and one O allele) as in each instance the father is giving an O allele making it impossible for them to have a child with type AB

Question:I read this article about brazilian model mariana bridi pleading for O negative blood. http://www.theinsider.com/news/1574341_Mariani_Bridi_da_Costa_Amputated She is the woman whose feet and hands were amputated, because of a rare infection. She died today from her infection.. I have blood type O negative... It makes me feel bad this woman died so tragically...

Answers:Type O- is not _very_ rare in the population, at least not in Western countries where it's typically found in 5-10% of the population. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_type#AB0_and_Rh_distribution_by_country It is significantly more rare in some Eastern countries where all negative types are rarer. However as it is the 'universal donor' - ie the blood type least likely to cause a negative reaction when given to a non-matching type - it is the type given to patients in an emergency if there is no time to check their blood type. As a result the percentage of a hospital's blood stocks which are type O- is likely to be far less than 5-10%. So O- types have even more reason to donate than anyone else, especially at the moment as blood stocks tend to fall in December and January (in the UK at least). This is because no one bothers to donate over Christmas and then everyone has 'flu in January. http://www.blood.co.uk/StockGraph/stocklevelstandard.aspx

Question:i went to the doctor saturday they told me i have o negative blood and that it can cause issues with later pregnancys, and sometimes can cause complications with my present pregnancy (just later on).. do anyone know anything about this? i know there is a shot called rho gam. but thats only a temp fix. it just keeps my body from attacking the positive blood. which means that blood will still mix with mine and can still cause problems later.

Answers:You have the same blood group as I do. It's a negative Rh factor. If the father of the baby has a positive Rh factor, then what that means, simply speaking, is that in future pregnancies, it could cause your blood to attack your developing fetus, thinking it is a foreign body. Having Rh negative blood isn't a huge deal in itself but it can cause problems if subsequent pregnancies are all fathered by an Rh positive man. But only if you don't have the shots when the doctors say you should. I had slight bleeding when I was 10 weeks pregnant. With any kind of spotting or bleeding, if they don't know the father's Rh, or know it's a positive, they will give you a shot of Rhogam. I received it as a precaution, and found out after the fact that my husband's blood type is a negative Rh factor. If he hadn't been I'd have to get another shot at 26-28 weeks. There would be very little risk to your present pregnancy if you didn't get the Rhogam, but it sometimes can, like your doctor said. Just get the shot again at 26-28 weeks and you should be fine for this pregnancy. As far as future pregnancies are concerned, just have the shots when the doctors say they are needed. You'll have one after you deliver. My mother has Rh negative blood and my father was positive, and I'm their second child, so obviously you can have subsequent children.

Question:Im O and and it totally fits me except the self confident part! jus wantd to see if this fits others too enjoy! Blood type O = Type O Blood people are extremely self confident. They can balance a group and set harmony. They can look as peaceful and carefree people, but they are energetic. And they have a stubborn and strong-will side. They can be indulgent and spend a lot of money in others. They have their opinion about everything, but tend to keep it in secret. But if they speak, they will say honestly what they have in mind. They can easily start a project but not necessary take it to the end. They adapt to changes well. They sometimes make huge mistakes.In Naruverse type O are also generally smart people that don t declare love but will give their life to protect those they care about. Type A = People with blood type A are generally mild tempered and intellectual. Normally they are calm, composed, serious and polite. They are reliable and trustworthy. Usually avoids unnecessary confrontation. They analyze and make plans ever when others may panic. They try to make themselves alike their ideals; and try to suppress their feelings to appear strong. They can be shy, or merely look distant, but they are sensible and have a fragile or nervous side. Some sources say that these people are perfectionists that seek and reach success. Type B people are just the opposite of type A. They are curious, so they tend to be good at research, but also can lose themselves into many hobbies and activities. They can also quickly lose interest in things that initially were great passions. But when they choose a goal they will stick to it no matter even if it looks impossible, and they will focus their attention to it. They have the image of being bright, cheerful, energetic and enthusiastic. But at times they may look cold. They can hide their true self from others. They are individualist; follow their own rules and ideas. In Naruverse Blood Type B characters generally stick to their goals and are good friends, except the villains of curse. Type AB = People with AB Blood can have characteristics on both ends, and can be confused as someone with two personalities. They will help with favours, but under their own terms. They can be shy or outgoing, and quickly switch from one to another mood. They are sensible and considerate to other people s feelings; however, to those really close to them, they can be strict and merciless. Besides, AB asks more from themselves than from others. Also, they often become sentimental, and tend to think too deeply about things. They are trustworthy, but don t ask them too much at the same time. AB people have a lot of friends, but they need to be left alone at times. Japanese sources say that it is hard to do team work with AB type. Sense of freedom is required if you wants to keep them in the calm. And if you are a family member or team-mate and you fail a promise; AB will teach you the meaning of merciless hell. In Naruverse AB people hide their feelings, but they are hints of their sensibility and obvious prove of their tendency to turn merciless.

Answers:Wow, I'm AB and that sounds a lot like me, except for the having a lot of friends part, but I do enjoy being left alone.

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Dr. Peter D'Adamo/ The Blood Type Diet: Type O :Dr. Peter D'Adamo, author of 'Eat Right For Your Type' (The Blood Type Diet) discusses the special characteristics of blood type O individuals and whether they should attempt to be vegetarians.

O Negative Blood & Colors :When I went to Peru I discovered that my blood type was O Negative. Not only did I discover that but I found out that is quite rare. Wanting to learn more about the blood type that I have I went online and did some digging. I found out (though I do not know how creditable the source is) that people with O Negative blood usually have digestive problems, lower body temperatures, green eyes, red hair, and a few other characteristics. Out of this list all applied to me except red hair. I have naturally light brown hair,unless I am mistaken. Its been years since I have seen my natural color but no one in my life has ever called me a redhead. ANYWAYS, I was wondering if anybody with O Negative blood experienced or have some of these given characteristics.