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Question:Each binary digit is termed a bit. A series of 8 bits is grouped together into a word, which is called a byte. A byte can represent 28 = 256 different combinations, which is sufficient to record a typical 8-letter word in a sentence. A typical 400 page book has about 2 x 105 words. Estimate the number of books that can be stored on a 1.35 gigabyte computer.

Answers:28 does not = 256. 2^8 does. But storing 8 letters in one byte is not resonable unless you are using a compression scheme. Typically, uncompressed text is one byte per letter or character, in ASCII. A two letter word, not counting capitals, could be one of 26 times 26 possible combinations, which is much more than 16 times 16 = 256. 2 x 105 = 210, which is only half a word per page. 2^105 is more likely. Also, 1 gigabyte can be 1 times 10^9 = (1000) ^3 bytes if you talk to a hard drive manufacturer, or it can be 2^30 = ( 1024 ) ^ 3 as Windows displays it. regardless, divide 1.35 x 10^9 bytes by 2^105 words per book, to get the number of "byte books per word." Then divide by the number of "bytes per word" to get the number of books.

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Bits of Me Are Falling Apart, William Leith :www.bloomsbury.com William Leith on latest book Bits of Me Are Falling Apart published by Bloomsbury, follow up to The Hungry Years. One morning in August 2007, William Leith wakes up and realises that something is wrong. He is not in a bed, but on an old mattress on the floor. He is not in a house. He is in his office. He is alone. He no longer lives with his little boy and the mother of his little boy. Mentally, he is at the end of his tether. Physically, he is fraying at the edges. Bits of him are falling apart. But then again, so is everything else -- the economy, the environment, the very fabric of society. With his trademark darkly humorous mix of personal story and social commentary, Leith attempts to answer the question: is everything really falling apart? Or is it just him? He examines the ageing process in humans, and in everything else as well, from the universe to the banking system. And he comes to realise that, even if he can't solve the problems of the world, at least he has a thorough understanding of failure.

3D-printed Hero's fountain (all one piece!) :Operation of a 3D-printed Hero's fountain designed and rendered in Kokompe as a satisfiability inequality (a math string, rather than facets, vertices, nurbs, etc.) Printed on an 3D Systems InVision at the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms. Design and fabricated by Amy Sun, video by Luis Lafuente.