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Biotic component

Biotic components are the living things that shape an ecosystem. A biotic factor is any living component that affects another organism, including animals that consume the organism in question, and the living food that the organism consumes. Biotic factors include human influence.

Biotic components are contrasted to abiotic components, which are non-living components of an organism's environment, such as temperature, light, moisture, air currents, etc.

Biotic components usually include:

  • Producers, i.e. autotrophs: e.g. plants; they convert the energy (from the sun, or other sources such as hydrothermal vents) into food.
  • Consumers, i.e. heterotrophs: e.g. animals; they depend upon producers for food.
  • Decomposers, i.e. detritivores: e.g. fungi and bacteria; they break down chemicals from producers and consumers into simpler form which can be reused.

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Answers:Biotic - living things that shape ecosystem (plants, animals): Some animals that live in the tundra are polar bears and arctic foxes. Abiotic - nonliving things that shape ecosystems: strong winds, permafrost, short summer days, long winter periods (long cold climates), poor soil, etc.


Answers:abiotic: Ice, temperature, rocks biotic: evergreens, hares, polar bears

Question:I've been trying to find information on how the Tundra and Taiga interact with each other in terms of Biotic and Abiotic Factors Any sort of information would be much useful thanks alot. Any extra info on the transitional lines would be great too Thanks.

Answers:Steven, I have found some links which may help: http://www.jstor.org/pss/3546502 http://umassk12.net/IPY/sess/Game%20background%20and%20Instructions.doc http://domains.similarbase.com/taiga.html

Question:I need as much information as someone can give me on the tundra biomes biotic and abiotic factors. (with biotic i just need 2 plants and two animals.) your help is appreciated!

Answers:Hey just look at this web site !Hope It helps:)

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Abiotic and Biotic of Tundra :Abiotic and Biotic of Tundra