biotic and abiotic interactions examples

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Question:You can find many different ways of interaction in a garden like.

Answers:abiotic to abiotic - Both the sun and the air help plants grow. biotic to abiotic - Earthworms burrow in the soil; this action provides darkness for the worms and aerates the soil. biotic to biotic - Ladybugs are highly desired by many farmers because the ladybugs eat destructive insects, such as aphids.


Answers:1.Marine organisms swim and obtain oxygen from the water 2.Marine autotrophs in shallow water use sunlight to produce enerrgy

Question:1. A rock moves during an earthquake. 2. A sea turtle carries a pilot fish to food. 3. A plant absorbs sunlight, which is used for photosynthesis. 4. A wind causes waves to form on a lake. Select an answer

Answers:1. rock-eartquake = abiotic-abiotic 2. turtle- fish = biotic-biotic 3. sunlight-plant = abiotic-biotic 4. wind-lake = abiotic-abiotic so # 3!!

Question:I'm doing an online class, and I have to do an experiment of my choice on how biotic and abiotic factors interact. I have no idea what to do. The example she gave me was: What is the effect of sunlight on pansies? Any help would be appreciated.

Answers:These science fair sites can help you think of ideas for experiments: