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biotic and abiotic factors of a desert

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Answers:Biotic components of the desert include: cacti, sage brush,quail's prey (insects, seeds, etc.) and predators (coyotes, sparrow hawk, gold eagles, etc.) any other living organisms Abiotic factors include: latitude and longitude, extreme temperatures of the day and night, the fast winds, the heavy amount of sunlight, and scarcity of water hope this helped!

Question:what are examples of biotic faactors and abiotic factors found in the desert?

Answers:abiotic: sunlght, temperature, wind, and (lack of) moisture in the air. biotic: predators, parasites, disease.

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Answers:Abiotic factors are nonliving things that shape an organism's environment. These can include temperature, light, moisture, air currents, etc. In a desert biome: hot temperature, amounts of sun, little precipitation, lack of humidity, wind. Biotic factors, however, are living things that shape an organism's environment. These will be things such as predators and prey. In a desert...predators: rattlesnakes, coyotes, owls, hawks. prey: quails, lizards, tarantula, jackrabbit

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Answers:Abiotic - temperature, climate Biotic - snakes living there, human interference

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abiotic and biotic :abiotic and biotic factors influencing the animal population