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Biology Class Experiments

Lecturing students and to “go over” the material that are already highlighted in the textbooks, and to remember these ideas until the term end is a tiresome and a boring task. It is important to engage students in active learning activities to apply their natural curiosity in the current affairs. Conducting experiments in subjects like biology in the class, with discussions is an effective way to move from passive to active learning.

Here is an example of biology class experiments which can help you study the concept better.

The following is a plan to perform a class experiments on DNA extraction. You will learn how to extract DNA from some of your cells.

DNA Extraction from your Cells.
  • The cells from the lining of your mouth or cheek can come off easily. You can collect cells than contain your DNA by just swishing a liquid around your mouth.
  • By doing this you get your cells and other unwanted debris in the liquid. To extract your DNA from your cells, the cells must be separated from the other biological molecules in the cells.
  • Some basic steps followed to extract DNA can be used here, 3 easy steps to extract the DNA are the usage of Detergents, enzymes and alcohol.
  • Use a cup with sports drink to obtain cells from your cheek. Swish the sports drink around in your mouth with force for at least one minute, and then spit back into the cup.
  • Take a test tube add a small amount of detergent into it, now carefully pour the liquid containing your cheek cells into the test tube until the tube is half full.
  • Add a pinch of enzyme to your test tube and mix it by gently inverting the tube five times. Let this mixture to rest for 10 minutes.
  • Use a pipette and slowly add cold alcohol into the test tube on sides of the test tube; it forms a layer on top of the soapy liquid. Add about 2cm of alcohol on the tube. Do not disturb the test tube for 10 minutes.
  • The DNA molecules will clump together and you will be able to see these clumps of DNA as white strands.

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Question:I need an experiment with no more then thirty dollars budget. 9th grade BIOLOGY. Thanks!

Answers:I typed "9th grade biology experiment" into Yahoo Search and found some experiments. Here's one of them: http://www.wested.org/werc/earthsystems/biology/fertilizerfrenzy.html You may want to tweak the query to find better results.


Answers:Consult your professor. You will need for them to sign informed consent forms. Also, if you pay them, you will have a skewed sample.....so your analysis and write up will have to take them into consideration.

Question:I have a long term research project in my advanced Biology class. I am choosing to do a Lab Experiment rather than a research paper. Does anyone have any ideas on any good labs I could do? Is has to relate to a Biology topic and be rather advanced but not too expensive/unreasonable. Thanks!

Answers:You could do antibiotic resistance/ a demonstration of it. Get a weak antbiotic and dilute it then place on the staph and do it for several generations until you got a staph that resists the drug. You got to make sure u dilute the antibiotic though or your gonna get some super bacteria. I did this and used Staphylococcus. It was pretty cool.

Question:I have to plan an experiment in Biology dealing with enzymes. The thing is, the class is really boring and I would like something fun, maybe investigating enzymes in ice creams or something like that. I tried "the effects of THC in the body", but THC is not an enzyme. God dammit.

Answers:Cut equal strips of potato and place them in a solution of hydrogen peroxide at different temperatures. They would produce bubbles at different rates. The enzyme acting here is Catalase and the gas is oxygen.

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