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101 (number)

101 (one hundred [and] one) is the natural number following 100 and preceding 102. It is variously pronounced "one hundred and one" / "a hundred and one", "one hundred one" / "a hundred one", and "one oh one". As an ordinal number, 101st rather than 101th is the correct form. In mathematics 101 is the 26th prime number and a palindromic number (and so a palindromic prime). The next prime is 103, with which it makes a twin prime pair, making 101 a Chen prime. Because the period length of its reciprocal is unique among primes, 101 is a unique prime. 101 is an Eisenstein prime with no imaginary part and real part of the form 3n - 1. 101 is the sum of five consecutive primes (13 + 17 + 19 + 23 + 29). Given 101, the Mertens function returns 0. 101 is the fifth alternating factorial. 101 is a centered decagonal number. The smallest prime for which 2^p-1 has not been completely factored. For a 3-digit number in base 10, this number has a relatively simple divisibility test. The candidate number is split into groups of four, starting with the rightmost four, and added up to produce a 4-digit number. If this 4-digit number is of the form 1000a + 100b + 10a + b (where a and b are integers from 0 to 9), such as 3232 or 9797, or of the form 100b + b, such as 707 and 808, then the number is divisible by 101. This might not be as simple as the divisibility tests for numbers like 3 or 5, and it might not be terribly practical, but it is simpler than the divisibility tests for other 3-digit numbers.[citation needed] On the seven-segment display of a calculator, 101 is both a strobogrammatic prime and a dihedral prime. In science In mineralogy, a Miller index of 101 is a crystal face that crosses the horizontal axis (a) and 3d vertical axis (c) but does not cross the 2d vertical axis (b). In physics and chemistry, it is the atomic number of mendelevium, an actinide. In books According to Books in Print, more books are now published with a title that begins with '101' than '100'. They usually describe or discuss a list of items, such as 101 Ways to... or 101 Questions and Answers About... . This marketing tool is used to imply that the customer is given a little extra information beyond books that include only 100 items. Some books have taken this marketing scheme even further with titles that begin with '102', '103', or '1001'. The number is used in this context as a slang term when referring to "a 101 document" what is usually referred to as a statistical survey or overview of some topic. Room 101 is a torture chamber in the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell. In Other Fields 101 Ranch Oil Company Taipei 101, the tallest skyscraper in the world from 2004 to 2010. 101st kilometre, a condition of release from the Gulag in the Soviet Union. Roi Et Province, a province in Thailand. The name is literally 101 in Thai language. An HTTP status code indicating that a client should switch protocols (e.g. to HTTPS). The first course in a subject taught at a college or university in Australia, Canada, South Africa, or the United States. By extension, "Topic 101" is used generally to indicate the basics of any subject. The expression is also used in this non-academic sense in the UK. Used this way, it is always pronounced "one-oh-one". See Course number. For a new checking account in the US, the number of the first check. A term used to define the number of keys on a computer keyboard An emergency telephone number in Argentina, Belarus, Belgium, India, and Israel. 101 is the Single Non-Emergency Number (SNEN) in some parts of the UK, a telephone number used to call emergency services that are urgent but not emergencies. iCar 101 is a roadable aircraft design concept. 101 Dalmatians The Zastava 101 is a compact car by the former Yugoslav automaker. Highways numbered 101, the longest and most well-known of which is U.S. Route 101. the number 101 has a very important symbolic meaning to the Western Literary Society VNICA, the oldest student society in Amsterdam

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Question:This is practice for my final exam. If some people can answer a few of these i would appreciate it because i want to compare my answers with other peoples. I need a good Grade on this test : / 1. Which of the following terms best describes the scientific method? A. process B. event C. communication D. sequential 2. Science A. answers questions concerning values and morals. B. creates theories and laws that are always true. C. is a process used to arrive at a solution to a problem. D. has all of the answers to the problems that plague mankind. 3. The idea that living things only originate from other living things is A. the theory of spontaneous generation. B. the endosymbiotic theory. C. Oparin and Haldane's hypothesis. D. the theory of biogenesis. 4. Select the level of biological organization that represents the correct order from simple to more complex. A. ecosystem > cell > organism B. organism > organ system > cell C. cell > atom > molecule D. cell > ecosystem > biosphere E. atom > biome > population 5. Jason was on a camping trip in Wayne National Forest last weekend. He drank some untreated water from a stream and became violently ill a few hours later. Jason believed the untreated water made him ill. Jason has A. made an observation. B. formed a hypothesis. C. tested a hypothesis. D. identified a control group. E. passed away from the illness. 6. Resolution refers to A. Light intensity B. The ability to see fine detail C. Magnification D. Movement of the stage 7. A scientific theory is A. a guess as to why things occur. B. always correct. C. a broad statement that ties together many facts. D. easily changed. 8 Reproduction is A. a generative process. B. a responsive process. C. a control process. D. a metabolic process. 9. A protein that has had its physical and chemical properties changed is said to be A. denatured. B. dysfunctional. C. hydrolyzed. D. saturated. 10. The smallest particle of an element that still retains the properties of that element is a(n) A. atom. B. proton. C. electron. D. element. 11. A scale used to indicate the strength of an acid or base is called a ____ scale. A. thermodynamic B. aquatic C. pH D. reduction 12. The part of an atom without a charge is a(n) A. ion. B. neutron. C. electron. D. molecule. 13. When a pencil falls from a tabletop to the floor A. kinetic energy is converted to potential energy. B. potential energy is converted to kinetic energy. C. energy is created. D. energy is destroyed. 14. Chemical bonds hold molecules together. _____ bonds are formed between two atoms when their outer orbitals overlap and a pair or pairs of electrons are shared. A. Covalent B. Ionic C. Hydrogen D. Peptide E. Pepsin 15. All organic compounds contain A. carbon B. hydrogen C. oxygen D. all of the above E. A & C only 16. A liquid with a pH of 2 A. is a strong acid. B. has a high H+ concentration C. has a high OH- concentration D. A & B only E. A & C only 17. Which is not a pure substance? A. the compound sugar B. the element oxygen C. a mixture of milk and honey D. the compound table salt 18. I this kind of chemical reaction, two molecules interact, resulting in the formation of a molecule of water and a new larger product. A. Hydrolysis B. Dehydration synthesis C. Phosphorylation D. Acid-base reaction 19. Which of the following is an acid? A. HCl B. NaOH C. KOH D. CaCO3 20. The name of this functional, -NH2, is A. amino. B. alcohol. C. carboxylic acid. D. aldehyde. 21. Which is not a polymer? A. Insulin B. DNA C. Fatty acid D. RNA 22. An outside source of energy (ATP) is required for A. osmosis. B. diffusion. C. active transport. D. None of these answers is true. 23. For diffusion to occur ____ is necessary. A. a concentration gradient B. a differentially permeable membrane C. temperature above 0 C D. a carrier molecule 24. Solution "A" has a solute concentration of 10% while solution "B" has a solvent concentration of 80%. If they are separated by a selectively permeable membrane A. the net direction of water movement will be from solution "A" to solution "B". B. the net direction of water movement will be from solution "B" to solution "A". C. there will be no net movement of water. D. the system is in dynamic equilibrium to begin with. 25. Of which of the following would NOT be associated with an animal plasma membrane. A. protein B. cellulose - cell wall C. cholesterol D. phospholipids E. none of the above, they would all be found 26. Of which of the following transport mechanisms is the movement of molecules against the concentration gradient, from an area of low to higher concentration? A. active transport B. osmosis C. diffusion D. facilitated diffusion E. phagocytosis 27. The Modern Cell Theory was deve

Answers:The point of a practice exam is to check to see if you understand the content of the course! Having someone else provide the answers won't help you identify the areas in which your understanding of the information is weak! Use your text, the internet, or best, get a group of your classmates together to form a study group. A study group pools the minds and knowledge of the group to everyone's benefit! Once you've identified where your weakness lies, you can focus your study efforts on those parts.

Question:Hello everyone. These are multiple questions from biology 101 class. I ve been reading and reading my book and I am still confused on all of them. I could answer half of them but half I have no clue. Please take your time and check my answers and help me on ones I couldn t answer please. You DON T have to answer them all, but answer ones you know for SURE. Thank you all very much in advance. 1) Which of the following is NOT a major process of microevolution? a. mutation b. divergence c. genetic drift d. gene flow e. natural selection ANSWER I THINK IS B 2) The genetic equilibrium of a population can be upset by all EXCEPT which of the following? a. mutations b. migration c. random mating d. genetic drift e. natural selection ANSWER I THINK IS C 3) The impact of natural selection is demonstrated by a. directional selection. b. stabilizing selection. c. neutral selection. d. disruptive selection. e. directional selection, stabilizing selection, and disruptive selection. ANSWER I THINK IS E 4) Populations of the peppered moth provide an example of ____ selection. a. kin b. disruptive c. directional d. stabilizing e. artificial ANSWER I THINK IS C 5) A general warming trend in northern climates might decrease the ice bridges that form between islands in the upper Great Lakes. Because animals travel across these bridges, this warming could result in a. decreased gene flow. b. more genetic heterogeneity. c. healthier populations of animals. d. more mutations. e. all of these ANSWER I THINK IS A 6) The famous "bell-shaped curve" that usually results when test scores are plotted against number of students is an example of what type of selection? a. disruptive b. stabilizing c. divergent d. variable e. e. directional 7) The biological impact of the "founder effect" is based upon a. absence of gene flow. b. chance. c. migration d. nonrandom mating. e. all of these 8) Four of the five characteristics listed below are those of an unchanging, nonevolving population. Select the exception. a. random mating b. no mutation c. differential survival d. no migration or gene flow e. infinitely large population 9) Four of the five choices listed below are characteristics of mutations. Select the exception. a. predictable b. harmful or beneficial c. random d. effects depend upon environment e. heritable 10) Four of the five choices listed below are examples of directional selection. Select the exception. a. pesticide resistance b. sexual dimorphism c. wing color in peppered moths d. coat color in rock pocket mice e. antibiotic resistance

Answers:1.B 2. C 3.E 4.C 5.A 6.A. 7.C 8. D 9. A 10.http://arnica.csustan.edu/biol3020/selection/selection.htm the ans to 10 is B

Question:Hi everyone. These are questions from biology 101 class. I ve read my book and these are the questions that I was confused. I do have answers that I think that are correct, but please check and tell me if they are right or wrong. Also there are ones I couldn t answer at all. Please help on those as well. You don t have to answer all, but do have to make that you know what the answers are for sure on ones you answer. Thank you all very much in advance. I really appreciate it!! 1) Speciation caused by the separation of the continents is a. divergence. b. parapatry. c. gene flow. d. allopatry. e. sympatry. ANSWER I CHOSE IS D 2) Parapatric speciation occurs most often a. within in the same home range. b. near a common border between two home ranges. c. within a group of interbreeding populations. d. on either side of geographic barriers. e. by polyploidy. ANSWER I CHOSE IS D 3) Anagenesis is the pattern of speciation that results from a. a divergence of one species into several. b. a common ancestor. c. speciation along a single, unbranched line of descent. d. the merger of several species into one. e. hybridization. ANSWER I CHOSE IS B Respond to the statements with reference to the four microevolutionary processes listed. a. mutation b. gene flow c. genetic drift d. natural selection ____B 6. erodes species cohesion ____A 7. original source of alleles ____A 8. preserves species cohesion ____C 9. preserves or erodes species cohesion depending on environmental pressures ____D 10. results from differential survival and reproduction Ones I didn t know 11) Which of the following pairs indicates the closest macroevolutionary link among the animals according to the evolutionary history tree in the text? a. turtles; crocodiles b. lizards; amphibians c. mammals; birds d. bony fishes; lung fish e. crocodiles; birds 12) Four of the five choices listed describe a species. Select the exception. a. interbreeding b. sexual reproduction c. natural d. population e. behavior 13) Four of the five choices listed below are types of prezygotic isolating mechanisms. Select the exception. a. temporal b. hybrid inviability c. mechanical d. ecological e. gamete 14) Four of the five choices listed below relate to speciation. Select the exception. a. postzygotic b. allopatric c. parapatric d. punctuation e. sympatric 15) Four of the five choices listed below can isolate populations. Select the exception. a. geography b. behavior c. time d. gametes e. gene flow

Answers:1) ans - A 2) D 3) ans not b but i dont know right one B6 d8 C9 A10 11) e (archeopteryx) 12) a 13)e 14)a 15) d(gametes isolate sexes not population) well if satisfied plzz tell i think it was a test for us rather than a problem for u, wasn't it?

Question:HI, I was wondering if anyone knows of a really good site that teaches grade 11 bio. It should allow me to review concepts, terms ect. Give practice questions that I can work on, that sort of thing. Things to help me study for tests and my exam. If anyone can link me to something like that, it would be awesome, thanks.

Answers:This might work. I go here to get answer for most of my homework. http://highschoolace.com/ace/biology.cfm

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Intro To Phlebotomy 101 :By Beatriz Reyna. KNOP-TV News 2 The Medical profession relies heavily on those who work behind the scenes and that includes medical lab technicians. Its projected Health Care reform will add 40 million people to the health care roster that will only add to the demand for ML-T's. Beatriz Reyna shows us how North Platte Community College's MLT's hope to recruit potential students. When it comes to determining the health of a patient accuracy is vital. Eight students from Arcadia are learning just that through Mid-Plains Community College's Mobile Education Lab. Martin Steinbeck, NPPC Medical Lab Tech Program Dir., says, "A lot of students grow up thinking it's just about nursing and x-ray and they don't really know about us and so this is our way of making the career more visible." Students participated in a mock lab experiment where they tested for strep throat. Karalie Hickman, 12th Grade, says, "We had to do a test and it showed two pink lines if it was positive and one if you didn't." Panacea Fang, 12th Grade, says, "We can touch something we never did before and it lets me know more about the career instead of just knowing that it's a lab or biology or something like that." MLT's hope more students will enlist in their program. Steinbeck says, "If your parents or you have to pay for the education go to one of the community colleges. Then you can transfer to the University of Nebraska at Kearney or the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and rather at working at ...