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Reference management software

Reference management software, citation management software or personal bibliographic management software is software for scholars and authors to use for recording and utilising bibliographic citations (references). Once a citation has been recorded, it can be used time and again in generating bibliographies, such as lists of references in scholarly books, articles and essays. The development of reference management packages has been driven by the rapid expansion of scientific literature.

These software packages normally consist of a database in which full bibliographic references can be entered, plus a system for generating selective lists of articles in the different formats required by publishers and scholarly journals. Modern reference management packages can usually be integrated with word processors so that a reference list in the appropriate format is produced automatically as an article is written, reducing the risk that a cited source is not included in the reference list. They will also have a facility for importing the details of publications from bibliographic databases.

Reference management software does not do the same job as a bibliographic database, which tries to list all articles published in a particular discipline or group of disciplines; examples are those provided by Ovid Technologies (e.g. Medline), the Institute for Scientific Information (e.g. Web of Knowledge) or monodisciplinary learned societies e.g. the American Psychological Association (PsycINFO). These databases are large and have to be housed on major server installations. Reference management software collects a much smaller database, of the publications that have been used or are likely to be used by a particular author or group, and such a database can easily be housed on an individual's personal computer.

Apart from managing references, most reference management software also enables users to search references from online libraries. These online libraries are usually based on Z39.50 public protocol. Users just need to specify the IP address, database name and keywords to start a Z39.50 search. It is quicker and more efficient than a web browser. However, Z39.50 is a little out of date. Some popular scientific websites, such as Google Scholar, IEEE Xplore and arXiv, do not support the Z39.50 protocol.

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Question:I want a book that will tell me exactly how to germinate seeds from specific plants, not just general guidelines. Does anyone know a few titles? I've been looking on amazon, but I couldn't browse to the pages about the specific veggies or fruits, so I could never tell which details were covered.

Answers:The Royal Horticultural Society's Essential Gardening Techniques is quite a good step by step guide and covers most topics. There are some specific guides to the more common fruits and veggies in there that are quite useful. And a whole section devoted to germinating seeds. The Vegetable Expert by Dr D.G Hessayon is also quite nice its well laid out with good information and lots of pictures and is easy to follow. Our Blog will soon be featuring How Too Guides and there will Be free Downloadable Products for you to print and keep on the most popular veggies. http://www.hgc.uk.com/blog/cat/GardenTips/ Hope this helps The HGC Team

Question:it would be best if the books help to prepare for both cbse and engineering.

Answers:all books hv similar content......... luk 4 a buk with concepts explained in an easy n resolve manner............. ultimately power to succeed rests with u.............

Question:I am taking "Abstract Algebra I Honors" and would like to know what books might be helpful for me to understand the subject. (I'm only in the class because one of my classes conflicts with the other).

Answers:I don't know about the best one, but I liked Rotman's "A First Course in Abstract Algebra" and "Advanced Modern Algebra".

Question:Please tell me the name of the best reference book for Physics for CBSE Class 10th? If possible, please tell me the names of best book of Chemistry and Maths CBSE Class 10th also.

Answers:S.CHAND is a good book i dont think u will be able to complete it by 25th of this month becoz it has many things in it.i hope u go thorough through ur text book that is enough i think. all the best i just suggest not to read anything new at this time.

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