Applications of Probability in daily Life

The measure of certainty or uncertainty of the occurrence of the event is called as Probability.
If an event can occur in x ways and fails in many ways, the probability of occurrence of the event true is $\frac{x}{x+y}$ and failing of the event is $\frac{x}{x-y}$.
When the event is certain occurrence of probability is unity.The appearance of the event is impossible then the probability is zero.

  • The Probability of drawing an ace from a deck of cards.
  • Tossing a dice.
  • Probability of choosing an integer between 0 to 9.

Probability models are used to predict the number of outcomes in a set of event.

Event of Probability:

  • A subset of the sample space S is called an event.
  • The set of possible outcomes of a given experiments is called sample space.

Types of Event:

  • A∪B: is the event that occurs if and only if A occurs or B occurs or both the event.
  • A∩B: is the event that occurs if and only if both A and B occurs.
  • A: the event occurs if and only if A does not occur.

Application of Probability:
To choose the best in their life people makes use of probability in real time activities. The concept of probability is applied in playing cards, throwing a dice, finding the number of balls in a box, drawing a spade from a deck of cards, global economic risk. game theory, etc.

Probability in Everyday Examples:
There is a lot of probability of occurrence of an event in a day in everyone’s life some of the examples like occurrence of rain in the month of Jan in India, wining of a cricket match in IPL test series, the probability of aged man getting into hospital in a year etc.

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Question:me in class 10th and need to make a model on the application of 3d geometry in daily life...........please help....please..suggest some sites

Answers:3D geometry explains different object with three-dimensional shapes, that cannot be sketched on papers. Spheres, Cones are the example of 3D. A ball is used in daily life. Motor car tyres are cylindrical and are also in daily use. You look at your TV which is a 3D object of daily use. A die is in the shape of a cube. A portable DVD player is in the shape of a rectangular prism.

Question:TESTS: a. putting NaOH solution and nitric acid-PROTEINS b. putting iodine solution-STARCH c. rubbing fats on a paper-FATS

Answers:(A) Police forensics units use this one to 'develop' fingerprints in certain circumstances. (B) Outside of a general biology lab, I cannot imagine any practical use in daily life. A sort of reverse version has been used as a medical test for sweating. An iodine solution is applied to the skin and allowed to dry, then dusted with starch. Since the reaction requires water, the treated skin will turn purple-black if/when sweating occurs. (C) The pioneers and other non-technology peoples used to make translucent window coverings by rubbing fats into thin animal skins. This allowed them to keep out the cold winds while letting in some daylight. I suppose there might be some similar application for paper, but I can't think of one (aside from maybe using it as a fire starter; fat-soaked paper would burn pretty easily).

Question:i'm making my term paper..and i badly need ur ans. thanks!

Answers:Clinical? Not sure about clinical....but in day to day life for Mining, to dissolves rock around gold, Vinegar, Bleaches, Agents such as bathroom mold removing products, Citric Acids used in cooking...the list is abundant!

Question:All those algebraic equations, are they relevant when our daily life is concerned?

Answers:It does teach you another way of looking at things. For example, if I wanted to make something which calls for 2 cups of sugar, and I only have 1 1/2 cups, how can I adjust the rest of the ingredients to I can still make the cookies? I don't have to use algebra for that--but can if I want.

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