Applications of Probability in daily Life

The measure of certainty or uncertainty of the occurrence of the event is called as Probability.
If an event can occur in x ways and fails in many ways, the probability of occurrence of the event true is $\frac{x}{x+y}$ and failing of the event is $\frac{x}{x-y}$.
When the event is certain occurrence of probability is unity.The appearance of the event is impossible then the probability is zero.

  • The Probability of drawing an ace from a deck of cards.
  • Tossing a dice.
  • Probability of choosing an integer between 0 to 9.

Probability models are used to predict the number of outcomes in a set of event.

Event of Probability:

  • A subset of the sample space S is called an event.
  • The set of possible outcomes of a given experiments is called sample space.

Types of Event:

  • A∪B: is the event that occurs if and only if A occurs or B occurs or both the event.
  • A∩B: is the event that occurs if and only if both A and B occurs.
  • A: the event occurs if and only if A does not occur.

Application of Probability:
To choose the best in their life people makes use of probability in real time activities. The concept of probability is applied in playing cards, throwing a dice, finding the number of balls in a box, drawing a spade from a deck of cards, global economic risk. game theory, etc.

Probability in Everyday Examples:
There is a lot of probability of occurrence of an event in a day in everyone’s life some of the examples like occurrence of rain in the month of Jan in India, wining of a cricket match in IPL test series, the probability of aged man getting into hospital in a year etc.