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Question:need help with a chemistry project and one thing we gotta talk about is how mgcl is used relevant to our lives, like iron is used in nails or aluminium in coke cans - they are like used in everyday life so by any chance does anyone know what we use frequently that contains mgcl? thanks! xxx

Answers:Culinary use ------------------- Magnesium chloride is an important coagulant used in the preparation of tofu from soy milk. In Japan it is sold as nigari ( , derived from the Japanese word for "bitter"), a white powder produced from seawater after the sodium chloride has been removed, and the water evaporated. In China it is called "lushui" ( in Chinese). Nigari or Lushui consists mostly of magnesium chloride, with some magnesium sulfate and other trace elements. It is also an ingredient in baby formula milk. Use as an anti-icer ----------------------------- A number of state highway departments throughout the United States have decreased the use of rock salt and sand on roadways and have increased the use of liquid magnesium chloride as a de-icer or anti-icer. Magnesium chloride is much less toxic to plant life surrounding highways and airports, and is less corrosive to concrete and steel (and other iron alloys) than sodium chloride. The liquid magnesium chloride is sprayed on dry pavement (tarmac) prior to precipitation or wet pavement prior to freezing temperatures in the winter months to prevent snow and ice from adhering and bonding to the roadway. The application of anti-icers is utilized in an effort to improve highway safety. Magnesium chloride is also sold in crystal form for household and business use to de-ice sidewalks and driveways. In these applications, the compound is applied after precipitation has fallen or ice has formed, instead of previously. The use of this compound seems to show an improvement in driving conditions during and after freezing precipitation yet it seems to be negatively affecting electric utilities. Two main issues have been raised regarding the anti-icer magnesium chloride as it relates to electric utilities: contamination of insulators causing tracking and arcing across them, and corrosion of steel and aluminium poles and pole hardware.

Question:My life right now is kinda real depressing right now for real. I don't have much fun and i got rejected for my college application. I don't think my future is moving in bright direction right now i don't even see the point of me living right now. It seems everybody in my family is heading for a better life except for me. I got major plans n stuff seems to be sinking like the Titanic. I can't live with the thought that i will be living under my older sisters shadow not to mention my cousins as well!! SO i was is it possible to try and steer my life in a new direction because right now Drug abuse seems like a good idea.

Answers:It's not to late so don't give up! First of all, start applying for other colleges. Take up a sport if you don't take one already. Get a job and save up for something special (like somewhere you've always wanted to go). Make a list of things you want to do in life, then get started.Think of what you want to be when you grow up. That way you'll have a goal to get there. Don't spend a lot of time on the computer or playing video games (if you do). Try to write a book. Maybe take up an instrument. Start a organization or volunteer in one. You can go really far, believe me. Good Luck, and remember! Thank everyday you have because everyday you're a step closer to the life you want ( :

Question:Are there any practical applications of the square root of 2 in careers or in daily life? If so, how does it affect you?

Answers:If mathematicians were to some day discover that there is no difference between rational and irrational numbers, it wouldn't make much of an immediate difference in ordinary everyday life. However, especially now that symbolic mathematical computation (not numerical computation) is expanding in use, the existence of rational numbers as distinct from irrationals can have a profound impact on exact mathematical expression. And since so much of technology and engineering is becoming increasingly dependent on on such symbolic mathematical computation, the existence of irrational numbers can have an indirect inluence on the "practical 21st century applications". I should maybe elaborate this and say that just like there are certain numbers that cannot be expressed as a rational fractions, there are polynomial equations which roots cannot be expressed with a finite expression. Likewise, there are certain integrals that have no finite explicit expression, nor there are such solutions to certain differential equations, etc. There is a deep connection between number theory and symbolic mathematics, which is why questions on the irrationality of the square root of 2 is far from trivial or unimportant.

Question:Just wondering what are three situations in which acid-base indicators might be useful in everyday life? I have no idea. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Answers:1.Soil pH kits. --- u can use to know the status of ya garden soil, in order to determine what kind of fertilizer ( acidic/basic) to buy. Some plants do well in acidic soil others dont. 2. Mood lipstick. Acid-base indicators in the cosmetics change color on application due to skin pH. 3. Making real wines red. Red wines contain anthocyanins, which are pH indicators. Adjusting the pH of the wine changes its color (and its taste). 4.Disappearing ink and invisible ink Write a message in colorless phenolthalein. Spray the paper with a dilute NaOH solution and the letters appear in pink. 5.Food coloring 6.Monitoring swimming pool pH. 7.Making a "voice activated" chemical reaction. (a solution of phenol red in very slightly alkaline water will turn from red to yellow, if you talk to it for a while :) Carbon dioxide from your breath neutralizes the solution and causes the color change.

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Everyday Mathematics: The Lattice Method :As part of the Everyday Math curriculum, a program that stresses solution strategy and comprehension and promotes individualized rate of development, fourth grade students at Leighton Elementary school in Oswego, New York practice a variety of different methods to develop their math skills including games, real life application and alternative algorithims such as the Lattice Method. Visit www.syracuse.com for more news and multimedia.

Mr. Physics - Ideal Gas Law (Episode 3) :I offer you a direct view of the application of physics in every day life, plus a little humor to go along with it. -Episode 3- Ideal Gas Law Investigate the effects of pressure and how we can relate it to everyday experiences. And yes, even flatulence can be explained using the ideal gas law! Camera: Robert DelTour Assistive Duties: Katie Metz SFX and Editing: Scott Hillberry Music Intro: "Show Me the Light" Written and recorded by Scott Hillberry. "Under Pressure" Queen & David Bowie. Hot Space (1982)