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Application of Trigonometry in Engineering


Trigonometry is the part of mathematical subject which deal with the length of the sides of right triangles and based on similar triangle relationship. The fundamental concept or idea of trigonometry is extended beyond right angle triangles. Study of trigonometry goes in depth of  basic calculus. They deal certain rotation of an angle  called as a trigonometric function. Graphing calculating technology is used to enhance the grade level of students .The calculator provides a  quick graph for both simple and complicated equations involving trigonometric function. A large collection of examples of all the functional problems are provided with each exercise in the  book.


Trigonometry identities are implemented in architectural design to find the length of the side of constructing a building, identifying the physical models,etc,Trigonometry is used in all application fields like astrophysics,chemistry,physics,geography,architecture,study of waves, frequency,etc. By making use of trigonometric function the magnitudes of wave and frequency distribution are calculated and plotted on the graph with respect to time.

Application of Trigonometry in Engineering:

A wide range of piratical trigonometric application is found in engineering by making use of trigonometric function like sine, cosine, tangent, secant, cosecant and cotangent. The theorems like sine and cosine rule, Pythagorean theorem are used mostly. The engineering subject like mechanical, civil, aerospace,dynamics, etc it deals with the application of trigonometry to do research like to calculate the velocity of an object,the distance between celestial bodies in space, construction of buildings, the rate of water drains fro the field,wind correction in space for flights, line of sight.