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Application of Multiple Reflection of Sound

Application of multiple reflection of sound is a useful to understand the reflection of sound along with its application. The basics laws are governed for understanding the complete application of multiple reflection of sound.  This concept is almost similar to that of the reflection of light.

Like light ray reflected, in the similar way, the waves of sound also get reflected.  So the bouncing back or the reflection of the sound wave from the surface of liquid or solid is known as reflection of sound. Like light waves follow laws of reflection, in the similar way the sound wave also follows the same. So in this case, the angle of incidence of sound wave is equal to the angle of reflection of sound wave. But only important point here is that the sound wave needs rough or polished and large obstacle is very much necessary.

Above discussion is basic about the reflection of sound. Now we need to understand the multiple reflection of sound. This is similar with reflection of sound but it is multiple reflections that are more than one reflection.  This phenomenon has been used in various applications and all applications are of great use.  Application of multiple reflection of sound has been used in every field and this can be better understood by taking some practical examples. The same examples are described in the next paragraph for understanding purpose.

Multiple reflection of sound is used in various appliances and devices.  The examples are as follows: 

1) Loudspeaker
2) Hearing aid
3) Megaphone
4) Sound board,
5) Stethoscope etc.

The above five applications are the general applications in the present life. To understand the multiple reflection phenomenon’s, let us discuss application of multiple reflection of sound in an elaborative way.

The appliances such as bulb born, loudspeakers, and megaphones, all are utilized to send or transmit the sound in the required or we can say desired direction.  All these devices work basically on the laws of the reflection of the sound waves. These types of devices generally use a funnel like conical tube. At the narrow of the tube, the sound is introduced and finally makes it to come at the wider end.  And because of the multiple reflection, the amplitude of sound rises up, which actually makes the sound louder. Even the name of loudspeaker is also given with respect to its use.

Stethoscope used by doctors, which is actually used to hear the integral organ sounds of the patient. This is basically used for the diagnostic purposes.  It also works on the same principle of multiple laws of reflection.   In this case, actually sound is first received by the chest piece and then it is sent to ear piece by undergoing multiple reflections through a long tube. The doctor generally hears in his ears for the basic diagnostic purpose of the patient.

All other appliances work on the same principle.  Only thing to understand the all such appliances, we need to focus first on the basic concepts of the reflection as well as the multiple reflection.  Once we have the thorough knowledge of the same one can understand any appliance based on multiple reflection principle. So this was all about application of multiple reflection of sound.