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Application of Matrices in Real Life

Application of Matrices in Real Life

Matrices are nothing but the rectangular arrangement of numbers, expressions, symbols which are arranged in columns and rows. 
The numbers present in the matrix are called as entities or entries. 
A matrix is said to be having ‘m’ number of rows and ‘n’ number of columns. 
Matrices find many applications in scientific fields and apply to practical real life problems as well, thus making an indispensable concept for solving many practical problems.
Some of the main applications of matrices are briefed below:

•    In physics related applications, matrices are applied in the study of electrical circuits, quantum mechanics and optics. 
In the calculation of battery power outputs, resistor conversion of electrical energy into another useful energy, these matrices play a major role in calculations. 
Especially in solving the problems using Kirchoff’s laws of voltage and current, the matrices are essential.
•    In computer based applications, matrices play a vital role in the projection of three dimensional image into a two dimensional screen, creating the realistic seeming motions. 
Stochastic matrices and Eigen vector solvers are used in the page rank algorithms which are used in the ranking of web pages in Google search. 
The matrix calculus is used in the generalization of analytical notions like exponentials and derivatives to their higher dimensions. 
One of the most important usages of matrices in computer side applications are encryption of message codes. 
Matrices and their inverse matrices are used for a programmer for coding or encrypting a message. 
A message is made as a sequence of numbers in a binary format for communication and it follows code theory for solving. 
Hence with the help of matrices, those equations are solved. 
With these encryptions only, internet functions are working and even banks could work with transmission of sensitive and private data’s.
•    In geology, matrices are used for taking seismic surveys. 
They are used for plotting graphs, statistics and also to do scientific studies in almost different fields.
•    Matrices are used in representing the real world data’s like the traits of people’s population, habits, etc. 
They are best representation methods for plotting the common survey things.

•    Matrices are used in calculating the gross domestic products in economics which eventually helps in calculating the goods production efficiently. 

•    Matrices are used in many organizations such as for scientists for recording the data for their experiments.
•    In robotics and automation, matrices are the base elements for the robot movements. 
The movements of the robots are programmed with the calculation of matrices’ rows and columns. 
The inputs for controlling robots are given based on the calculations from matrices.