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Application of Geometry in Daily Life

Geometry is most widely used application based mathematical concept used in our daily life. 
This is a part of applied Mathematics and is used extensively from construction to space research. 
Geometry was evolved in 300 BC by Euclid known also as the father of Geometry, a Greek mathematician, was not meant only for mathematical concepts but for many normal applications for any person who has basic understanding of the concept. 

It is considered as one of the oldest concept and is concerned with shapes and sizes of the relative figures and with properties of space. 
Application of geometry in daily life consists of more than thousands of applications varying from lowest level to the highest end.    

Let us consider some cases such as while constructing a house it is very important to Pre-Calculate the dimensions all the rooms, parking space and other utilitarian. 
How much should be the parking space, how much should be the balcony width and length, and how long should be the supporting pillars, all these several questions can be answered just by one single concept that is geometry.
Any physical space could be calculated by using the Geometrical concept. The entire Geometry is divided into two parts: one is plane Geometry and while the other is solid Geometry. 
Among the personalities, architects are one of the most extensive users of geometry.  
Defense applications are again one of the best examples of application of geometry in daily life. 
Daily operations of military consists much of real life Geometrical application such as loading of arms and piling of ammunition and firing of missiles. 
Locating the coordinates and then launching the missiles is another example of application of Geometry. 
At home based applications such as finding the square footage at the home for placing a refrigerator or locating a space to fit in an air conditioner requires calculation of the space required and this done by using area and volume concept. 

While whitewashing we need to make an estimate how much paint is required for the walls and roof, and without geometrical calculations it would be nearly impossible for us to calculate the amount of paint required. 
While cooking, the size and shape of pan or container matters a lot. 
One cannot cook 10 peoples food in a small pan, and hence we need to estimate the size of the container and the pan once we know how many peoples food needs to be prepared. 

Another very interesting application of geometry in daily life is the use of it in computer graphics. 
Bio technology and Medical science also use geometric concepts too much for their daily operations.
Large real estate developers use geometry in all their operations right from planning till deploying the plan. 
The entire facility planning and layout of the project and scheme needs more of attention to suit the people, such as how to plan that a 40 storey building having 4 flats per floor, has at least one balcony in each flat. 

This requires huge amount of planning and research on the layout of the project, which is again based on the Geometrical concepts. 
In any production and assembly line of an Industrial unit, there are important decision to make based on certain deduction, such as how long should be the assembly line, how much space and the surrounding location should be provided for a machinery to work proper. 

Designing a production and facility layout of a plant requires an expert who is have deep knowledge of geometry and has implemented his/her plans earlier to any plant design. 
One of the most technologically used application that uses geometry is the evolution of 3-D, which is a step forward for an effective usage of technology.