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Advanced Placement Physics B

AP Physics B is an advanced placementscience course that is separated into nine different sections of study: Newtonian Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Physics, Waves and Optics, and Atomic and Nuclear Physics.

The exam

The exam is administered in two sections, a seventy (70) question multiple choice section and a six to eight (6 to 8) question free response section. Each section must be completed within a 90 minute time limit. In order to test knowledge as well as skills, the multiple choice section is taken without a calculator. The free response section permits the use of a calculator as well as a list of common formulas. The test is weighted such that each section is worth fifty percent (50%) of the final score. Overall, the exam is configured to approximately cover a set percentage of each of the five target categories:

  • Newtonian Mechanics (35%)
  • Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Physics (15%)
  • Electricity and Magnetism (25%)
  • Waves and Optics (15%)
  • Atomic and Nuclear Physics (10%)


According to the College Board web site, "the B course provides a foundation in physics for students in the life sciences, premedicine, and some applied sciences, as well as other fields not directly related to science." Additionally, students who receive a certain score (usually 3 or above) on the AP Exam may have the opportunity to bypass the preliminary physics course at the college they choose to attend, depending on that institution's policy However, students are cautioned to check with their intended college or university, as acceptance policies vary widely. Some schools require a higher score (4 or 5) in order to receive credit, while others will only give credit for a lower level physics course. It is the intention of the College Board, however, for this class to be taken by those students wishing to challenge themselves in a physics class but have no desire to pursue a rigorously science based college major or career. .

Grade distribution

In the 2009 administration, 62,702 students took the exam. The mean score was a 2.88.

The grade distribution for 2008 was:

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Question:Does anyone have the answers to the 2002 ap stats multiple choice exam? It starts with the question "Which of the following is a key distinction between well designed experiments and observational studies"? I believe there is 40 questions Thanks points for first one with correct answer!

Answers: Download it from there

Question:Hey where can i find the 2008 multiple choice answers for the ap chem exam? thanks in advance

Answers:Information is below.

Question:our teacher gave us the 1999 ap bio exam today for practice for the AP BIO test which is on monday she forgot to gave us the answer sheet so we cn check our answers... where can i check my answers so i can know what i missed which will really help me for the test on monday..... plzz sum1 pls tell me where can i find answers to 1999 ap bio multiple choice questions? hurry! !!!!!!! that is not it! my first question is about HIV...... thanks anyway

Answers:Our teacher gave us an old exam too, I just don't know what year it's from. This was the first MC question: Which of the following is true of both mitochondria and chloroplasts? If that's the question you had, say so. LOL, I don't want to type out the answers if it's not. EDIT: I found it!

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