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Question:I am an idiot at math and my daughter needs help... What are the answers to these math questions? 1.What is 3/4 equal to? a)9/12 b)4/7 c)2/1 d)not here 2.What is equal to 8/4? a)32/16 b)1/2 c)16/4 d) not here 3.What is equal to 12/20? a)3/20 b)2/12 c) 6/10 d) not here 4.What is equal to 22/88? a) 88/22 b)2/11 c)8/2 d)not here 5.Which is both 6/12 & 10/20 equal to? a)20/240 b) 12/32 c)1/2 d)not here 6)Which is both 3/4 & 9/2 equal to? a)12/48 b) 75/100 c) 3/16 d) not here So, please help me with these questions, she is having a hard time understanding. Haha, I a just horrible at math aren't I? Thanks you guys. The ONLY thing that kept me in the Gifted program in 6th grade for was for English, Reading, Science, and Social Studies. So I was and am not completely dumb! :-]

Answers:Theses are cake questions. I sucked at high school math 1.A 2.A 2C 4.D 5,C 6D

Question:I answered some of my math study guide stuff, i just need help with the rest of these questions: 2. The anaconda was 288 inches long. How many feet is 288 inches? (dividing?) 3. What time is 2&1/2 hours after 10:15 a.m.? 4. Compare 5/8 (>, <, =) 2/3 5. 6&1/4 - 5&5/8 6. 3/4 * 2/5 7. 3/4 \ 2/5 8. How much money is 60% of $45? 9. Find the perimeter of this rectangle: 1&1/8 in. + 3/4 in. 10. How many vertices does a triangular prism have? 11. A ton is 2000 pounds. How many pounds is 2&1/2 tons? 12. The paper cup would not roll straight. One end was 7 cm in diameter, and the other end was 5 cm in diameter. In one roll of the cup, (a) how far would the larger end roll? (b) how far would the smaller end roll? (Round each answer to the nearest centimeter) 13. Jefferson got a hit 30% of the 240 times he went to bat during the season. Write 30% as a reduced fraction. Then find the number of hits Jefferson got during the season. 14. Jena has run 11.5 miles of a 26/2-mile race. Find the remaining distance Jena has to run by solving this equeation: 11.5 mi + d = 26.2 mi 15. The sales-tax rate was 7%. The two CDs cost $15.49 each. What was the total cost of the two CDs including tax?

Answers:2. 1 foot = 12 in so 288 /12 3. 10 + 2 = 12 o'clock 15 mins + 30 mins is 45 min so answer: 12:45 pm 4. (5/8) < (2/3) 6. 6/20 or 3/10 7. 15/8 8. 45 * .6 = $27 11. 5000 pounds

Question:17. Expressions, equations, and inequalities use similar algebraic symbols, but they have differences. Compare and contrast the meaning and uses of expressions, equations, and inequalities. 19. How can you determine when and where two things (people, trains, rabbits, etc) in a "race" will meet if they have different starting points and different rates? What happens if they have the same rate (m)? What happens if they have the same starting point (b)? 20. What are some of the basic rules and procedures used to solve algebraic equations that involve one variable? 21. What does a variable have one value? Many values? Give examples. These are questions for a FRESHMAN (they are extremely hard, aren't they?) summer math project and I would really appreciate it if you could help me answer these last few. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Answers:21. A variable will have one value for a linear equation (i.e. no squared terms or higher). Something like x + 9 = 11 will only give one value. A variable will have more than one value for any other equation or inequality (x^2 - 5x + 4 = 0, or x + 3 > 99 will give more than one value for x).

Question:what is a site that you can type any math question in and it gives you the answer? i want to check my paper.

Answers:there is none but there is this website called study island and its only a website for pre-k through eighth grade. You get to pick a subject like math as you infer.

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