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Answers to Math Crossword Puzzles

The Math crossword puzzle is a brain storming game which makes the user to become perfect in maths. The puzzles are based on the fundamental of maths which have been learned in lower class. Two sets of math crossword puzzle are given below for student practicing purposes.

Answer to math crossword Puzzles:
  1. Set of number {2,3,5,7,11,......}called :
  2. A closed plane figure is
  3. When all  the three sides of triangle are equal
  4. The triangle have two equal sides
  5. The geometric figure have 6 faces
  6. A set of integers called {0,±1,±3,±5,.......}
  7. The distance around the circle is called
  8. Is a point where two lines meet
  9. Box where opposite sides are equal
  10. Angle measuring less than 90 degree

Math Crossword Puzzle


  1. To measure an angle in degree we use
  2. The distance around a closed figure
  3. A polygon with four sided is called
  4. The number that is multiplied is 
  5. The distance between the centre of a circle and to any point of the circumference is
  6. The number divisible by two

  1. The common end point is called
  2. The measure of region enclosed by a closed figure
  3. A polygon with three sided is called
  4. The longest side of right angled triangle
  5. Sum of two angle added to 180 degree is 
  6. A number which is combination of whole number and a fraction

Math Crossword Puzzle Figure