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Question:if this question is good to asked a mathematical teachers i will get answer from them...

Answers:Try the Teaching Company. Many of their DVD courses can be borrowed from your public library or university library. However, they don't have much graduate level stuff.

Question:1. Explain how we hear sounds. 2. Describe how the meaning of sound is related to frequency and time. 3. Compare light and sound waves. 4. Describe the properties of light:describe light as both a wave and a particle. 5. Compare the speed of light with the speed of sound? 6. Explain the reason behind color blindness. Be sure to give accurated educational answers cause this is for my project. I do not have the time to read for all of the answer.

Answers:The answers you are looking for will take an enormous amount of time to answer. Each one would take thousands of volumes of books. I'm sorry I do not have the time to write the necessary answers.... e.g wave/particle duality is a vast subject!!

Question:Consider a particle moving in a straight line from initial point B to final point A, acted upon by a constant force F. (Part A figure) The force (think of it as a field, having a magnitude and direction at every position r ) is indicated by a series of identical vectors pointing to the left, parallel to the horizontal axis. The vectors are all identical only because the force is constant along the path. The magnitude of the force is F, and the displacement vector from point B to point A is L (of magnitude L, making and angle theta(radians) with the positive x axis). Find W(BA) , the work that the force F performs on the particle as it moves from point B to point A. Express the work in terms of L, F, and theta(angle). Remember to use radians, not degrees, for any angles that appear in your answer. the homework is online I put the answer: F*L and F*Lcos(theta) but computer says its wrong part a figur is a bent vector to the left from point B to A with theta between them and the x-axis (this is the best I can do to describe its simply just a vector)

Answers:Where is "Part A figure?"

Question:Question 1: What are the numbers? They are: Bigger than 10 Less than 30 Common factors of 48 and 72 Answer >> ... and .... Question 2 Find the highest common factor (HCF) of 12 and 20 Answer >> ..... Question 3: a) Express 126 as a product of its prime factors answer >> .... b) Given that 154 =2x7x11, use your answer to part A) to find the highest common factor ( HCF) of 126 and 154. Question 4. a) write 350 as the product of its prime factors Answer >> ...... b) Find the highest common factor (HCF) of 350 and 105 answer >>> ..... Question 5 Find the reciprocal of 4 answer >> ... Question 6. write 48 as a product of prime factors answer >> .... Question 7. Write down the prime numbers between 30 and 40 answer >> ..... question 8 a )write 90 as the product of its prime factor answer >> ....... b) Find the highest common factor (HFC) of 90 and 66 LOL well done to you all :D

Answers:1. 12 and 24 2. 4 3a. 2 3 3 and 7 3b. 7 4a. 2 5 5 and 7 4b. 35 5. 1/4 or .25 6. 2 2 2 2 and 3 7. 31 and 37 8. 2 3 3 and 5 9. 6

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