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Maths is a difficult subject for some of the student, these can be overcome by making use of practicing of solving puzzles, worksheets, exercise, etc..Solving logical math questions improves the math skill level among students.

Math Logic Problem

1. The pie chart shows the distribution of different bikes manufactures by the Nero Funda company in the year 2008.

Pie Chart

        a) Find the number of Glamour bikes manufactured by the company in the year 2006
        b) If the ratio of selling price of a passion to Karizma bike is 1:3, then find the ratio of the revenue from two bikes if all the                       manufactured bikes are sold
        c) By what percentage is the number of glamour bikes manufactured more than that of CBZ bikes.

2. What is the area of a circle whose perimeter is equal to the perimeter of the square of area 121 sq.cm.

3. Seven computers are interconnected namely A,B C,D,E,F and G to each other with one-way routes.The routes are from B to C, D      to C, C to G, G to D, E to D, G to B, F to G, G to A, F to E, F to B, F to D. one way route from B to C implies the data will be           transferred from B to C but the reversal is not possible.

        a) Find how many different possible routes are there to transfer data from B to G
        b) How many computers will not have any routes for the data to reach from G.

 4. A cube is painted on all its faces, is cut into 125 identical smaller cubes then find

A Cube

        a) Number of smaller cubes have no face painted
        b) Number of smaller cubes have only one face painted.
        c) Number of smaller cubes have exactly two faces painted.

5. The number of zero's at the end of 1000! 

6. The cost of 4 pens, 5 eraser and 3 sharpeners is Rs 30. The cost of  8 pens,10 eraser and 6 sharpeners is Rs 60. Find the total       cost of one of each.

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Question:A merchant is trying to cross a 1000 mile desert to deliver 3000 bananas. He will do it with a camel, who can only carry up to 1000 bananas. Moreover, the camel has to eat 1 banana each mile. What's the maximum ammount of bananas the camel can deliver? Honestly, all the answers so far are ignorant. The answer is not 0. The highest I got is 250. This is no math with laws; it is logic.

Answers:Despite what others have said, the merchant can get some bananas to the other end. The answer is 533 1/3 bananas. The key is to create stockpiles out in the dessert. Since he has 3,000 bananas, he needs 2 stockpiles (let's call them A and B). Basically he will go to point A, drop some of the bananas and return to the start. He will consume some on the trip out and back, but will be able to leave some at the checkpoint. Next he will get another 1000 bananas walk to A, replenish, continue to B, drop some, return to A, replenish, then return back to start. Again he will consume some going and coming but he will be able to drop some at B. Finally he picks up the last load of 1000 bananas, walks to A, replenishes, walks to B, replenishes, walks to the end of the desert. He will have bananas left over. If you draw the path you'll see that there is one trip from B to the end. There are 3 trips between A and B and there are 5 trips between start and A. Point A should be 1/5 of the way across the desert or 200 miles/bananas out. Point B should be 1/3 of the way further across the desert or 333 1/3 miles/bananas out. Here's the details: Start the camel out with 1000 bananas. Walk to point A (200 miles) consuming 200 bananas. You'll have 800 at this point. Drop 600 bananas here. Now return 200 miles to the start eating your remaining bananas. (A has 600 bananas) Now retrieve another 1000 bananas from the start Walk to the 200 mile mark consuming 200 bananas. You'll have 800 at this point. Pick up 200 bananas to replenish back to 1000 (A has 400 bananas) Continue on another 333 1/3 miles to point B (533 1/3 mile mark). Drop 333 1/3 bananas here and return to the 200 mile mark. (B has 333 1/3 bananas) Pick up 200 bananas to return to the start. (A has 200 bananas) Get a new batch of 1000 bananas. Walk again to the 200 mile mark. You'll be at 800 but you can replenish to 1000. (A has 0 bananas) Walk again to the 533 1/3 mile mark. You'll be at 666 2/3, but then you can replenish with 333 1/3 to be back at 1000 bananas. (B has 0 bananas, camel is at 533 1/3 mile mark with 1000 bananas). Now walk the remaining 466 2/3 miles consuming 466 2/3 bananas, but leaving 533 1/3 bananas delivered to the other end. Answer: A maximum of 533 1/3 bananas can be delivered.

Question:Warning: For those who get easily stressed out or get mad, Please do NOT solve this question. If you cannot solve this in 10 minutes, do please give this question up. Eligible solvers should be able to solve the basic 5-step questions in this link below: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;... Direction: Solve this 3-Level questions. Level 1: Why does 2+10 equal 6? Provide a logical answer. (Hint: the 2 numbers have their own set of rules, and you have to figure them out. Remember: For example, 2 is NOT a 2 in this question) Level 2: What is a word that results from this equation: J-10? (Hint: J like #1 has its own set of rule. Express 10 as an alphabet) Level 3 (Warning: Bad-asss question 0_o): Express each alphabet as a number and add them. Be aware of one hidden rule. Here is the word: OnE=54. Explain the Reason. Those who answer the last question and not the other 2 will be invited to the next challenge! This goes same to those who answer the first 2 and fail to answer the last one. However, those who get all 3 will get 10 points! Those who got the first challenge in the website I posted above will get 5 points. If the same person gets both of these challenges, he/she would get total 20 points! Good Luck!

Answers:... i suck at math .... damn.... ok...... 24? lol

Question:I bought a plant that grew at a rate of doubling it's size everyday. 60 days later it filled the room, how many days did it take to fill half the room?? 3 friends were drinking one night in a Hotel Bar. It was snowing pretty good and the roads were bad so they decieded to get a room and spend the night. They went to the desk and got a room, the clerk said 30 dollars so they all put in ten each. When the manager came on he saw the 30 dollars and said he should have charged the regular rate of 25 dollars. So he sent 5 dollars back to the room with the bell captain. The bell captain knew 3 people couldn't split 5 dollars so he gave them 3 dollars and kept the other $2.. Now it only cost the 3 men 9 dollars each, so that equals $27.00 and the Bell Captain kept $2.00 so $27.00 & $2.00= $29.00. What happened to the 30th dollar??

Answers:1. The size of the plant doubles everyday. So the size of the plant on the 60th day is double than the size on the 59th day. Thus the room is half-full on the 59th day. 2.The manager has $25+$2. The 3 people have $3. On adding we get $30. According to the question, we should not add $2 to $27. We should subtract it. And this gives the amount after discount. Now we should add the discount i.e., $5. Then we get $30.

Question:I was a member of the Beginning Menopause Group before I joined Yahoo Answers. In Yahoo Answers>Health>Women's Health and Men's Health, kids as young as 14 years old can join and ask questions. Practical and natural questions regarding sexuality, sensuality, masturbation, sexual aberration problems are allowed and answered honestly and truthfully. In the Beginning Menopause group, members are as young as 30 and as old as above 50. Questions about sexuality, sensuality and sexual aberrations are banned. Is this fair and logical? Are the women above 30 not entitled to ask about their sexuality, sensuality and seemingly feelings of sexual aberrations within their secure peer group? Are they not old enough to frankly speak about or discuss such topics openly? Ohh, I hope I do not get banned or suspended by asking this question. It has been on my mind for quite sometime now. I asked a question regarding sexual urges during menopause. And i was banned from the group.

Answers:group owners can ban anyone they want, if they decide the posts are off topic. there's other groups to discuss that topic anyway and maybe keeping it strictly on topic is what the group owner wants so their group doesn't do to adult category. certain words will spark the category bot.

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