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Answers to Logical Math Questions

Maths is a difficult subject for some of the student, these can be overcome by making use of practicing of solving puzzles, worksheets, exercise, etc..Solving logical math questions improves the math skill level among students.

Math Logic Problem

1. The pie chart shows the distribution of different bikes manufactures by the Nero Funda company in the year 2008.

Pie Chart

        a) Find the number of Glamour bikes manufactured by the company in the year 2006
        b) If the ratio of selling price of a passion to Karizma bike is 1:3, then find the ratio of the revenue from two bikes if all the                       manufactured bikes are sold
        c) By what percentage is the number of glamour bikes manufactured more than that of CBZ bikes.

2. What is the area of a circle whose perimeter is equal to the perimeter of the square of area 121 sq.cm.

3. Seven computers are interconnected namely A,B C,D,E,F and G to each other with one-way routes.The routes are from B to C, D      to C, C to G, G to D, E to D, G to B, F to G, G to A, F to E, F to B, F to D. one way route from B to C implies the data will be           transferred from B to C but the reversal is not possible.

        a) Find how many different possible routes are there to transfer data from B to G
        b) How many computers will not have any routes for the data to reach from G.

 4. A cube is painted on all its faces, is cut into 125 identical smaller cubes then find

A Cube

        a) Number of smaller cubes have no face painted
        b) Number of smaller cubes have only one face painted.
        c) Number of smaller cubes have exactly two faces painted.

5. The number of zero's at the end of 1000! 

6. The cost of 4 pens, 5 eraser and 3 sharpeners is Rs 30. The cost of  8 pens,10 eraser and 6 sharpeners is Rs 60. Find the total       cost of one of each.