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Question:Is there a place online where I could find the answers to the tests. My little brother lost his correction book and we need to correct one of his tests before he moves on. He is in Saxon Algebra 1/2 second edition. I don't want to buy another book, just find the answers.

Answers:Post this question in the homeschool section of questions. I know quite a few homeschoolers use Saxon math!


Answers:Check the back of the book for the odd problems. OR GOOGLE !!!! LOL

Question:My son has to have his math homework checked at home since he missed school. Anyone have any websites that solve problems online for free? DIngo I absolutely agree with you as far as cheating on math. My son only needed to check his answers for a problem set as only the odd number answerd are provided he needed to check the even numbers. We didn't find anything so he just cross checked it with a friend. Thanks for everyone's help.

Answers:EDIT: my answer below is based on the assumption that you are the parent/teacher, not the student trying to cheat. If you *are* the student, you will only be hurting yourself when it comes time to do the next level. Math is like a multi-story building - each level builds on the previous level and if you are shaky in one level, the levels above it will not stand. Algebra II has probably 20 tests - you want the answers to ALL of them? You can probably find a used copy of the answer key on Amazon or eBay or a new one at Rainbow Resource or even Saxon's (Harcourt's) website. Make sure you get the edition that matches your book (I think they're up to the third edition now). BTW - they also have a solutions manual that gives step-by-step solutions to all the problems in the book (and I believe on the tests). You have to purchase the solutions manual separate from the rest of the program. It is available at a discount from Rainbow Resource (see link below) as well as other places. Source(s): Rainbow Resource: http://www.rainbowresource.com/prodlist.... I got this from "Homeschoolmom"on this website. Hope that helps!

Question:im not doing good in math so can u just give me a way to get the answers for course 2 in 7th

Answers:your instructor should have the answer key. consider a tutor to help you pass.

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Saxon Math Upper Grades :I wish all curriculum choices were as easy as this! Saxon has proven to have the best mathematics text available today. Every school in the US that has used them has raised college board scores 20% and has tripled Calculus enrollment, has doubled Physics enrollment and has reduced the number of kids on the slow track by over 50%. The reason? Normal math books introduce a new concept with each chapter, then drop that topic as the next chapter goes on to something new. This week, it's multiplication; next week it is fractions, and I can't remember multiplication! In Saxon books, the concepts are practiced daily, over and over, until they are fully automatic and math becomes easier and more enjoyable. Upper Grades 9 - 12: includes a non-consumable hardcover Textbook, Tests and Answer Key For Pre-Algebra through Calculus. Hardcover textbook has approx 125 lessons plus additional topics. Answers to odd numbered problems are in the back of the book. Approximately 500 pages. Tests and Answer Key included. The Solutions Manual (sold separately) which gives step-by-step solutions to all the practices and problems.

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