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Question:The full question is: How is the food chain being affected in the rain forest if there is pollution on land, water and air? can i have an example ( animals that are being affected ) or a picture of a food chain in the rain forest?

Answers:If there is pollution in these areas, think of it as a domino effect. Let's say there is air pollution. This leads to acidic rain, which then pollutes more air, water, AND the land. Okay, now let's think about the water animals, first. What if the crocodiles died off? Sounds good - no more predators - but the niche, or purpose, of crocodiles is to control the number of, let's say, anteaters. Without crocodiles, there would be a lot more anteaters, which means they would eat a lot more ants. The ants wouldn't exist anymore, and then other insectivores would go hungry. Or, you can think of it the other way around. Let's say the pollution affected the land and sunk into the soil. Then the trees would get infected and die. There would be no fruit for the monkeys to eat. Jungle cats like jaguars and birds of prey like hawks rely on these monkeys as a food source. The hawks and cats would die, so there would be a surplus of other animals that the predators used to eat. For example, there would be too many wild boars and, yes, anteators again. That means the wild boars would eat the rest of the vegetation, and the anteators would eat all the ants. The rainforests would destroy itself.

Question:I need help I need a food chain with 4-5 animals from the African Savannah. I cant include decomposers or bacteria. I have this so far: Jackal Berry->Larvae of bush field emperor butterfly->Lilac breasted robin.. but Im not sure if its right.

Answers:http://www.exploringnature.org/db/detail.php?dbID=2&detID=1224 grass -> grasshopper -> field mouse -> snake - > turkey vulture -> hyena

Question:I basically need a simple food chain for a picture of an ecosystem The animals and vegetation in the picture are: Turtle (or tortoise, can't tell) Pike Small fish Frog Dragonfly Ladybug Beetle Deer Racoon (have I spelt that wrong?) Toad Eagle Vegetation: trees reeds ferns lily-pads grass Much appreciated!

Answers:Show the animals and plants consuming each other in the following order: Eagle trees Racoon Deer Pike Turtle reeds Toad Frog Small fish Dragonfly Beetle Ladybug ferns lily-pads and finally grass.

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The real food chain :a simple animation i did on 3ds max

Marine Food Chain :Small animation of a marine food chain. Animates a phytoplankton, zooplankton, jellyfish, sea turtle, tiger shark