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Question:not an electron or anything just a standard college light microscope what parts of the cell can you see? for instance i know you can the nucleus in plant and animals....

Answers:Under a light microscope (magnification of up to 1000x), only the larger organelles mainly the nucleus (animal, bacterial and plant cells), chloroplasts (plant cells only) and the large central vacuole (in plant cells only) plus the cell wall (in plant and bacterial cells) can be viewed. Most other organelles such as golgi apparatus, endoplasmic reticula, ribosomes and mitochondria can only be viewed under an electron microscope (up to 200000x).

Question:Hey, just wondering if anyone could tell me specifically which organelles (plant and animal) can be seen under a light microscope? I know you can see the nucleus, cell membrane/wall and vacuoles but can chloroplasts and mitochondria etc be seen?

Answers:Without using any stains, chloroplasts ( take a leaf from an aquatic plant called Elodea or Anarchis and not only will you see chloroplasts but they will also be moving) and chromoplasts (look in flower petals of the meat of a tomato) are very easily seen. Cilia (on live paramecium) and flagellua (on a live Euglena) can be seen if you cut down on source of light In order to see mitochondria (in celery stalks), chromosomes, chromatin, spindle (fibers), asters, you will need a stain or a dark field microscope. Ribosomes, endoplasmic reticulum, golgi apparatus would need an electron microscope.

Question:Can organelles such as the nucleus, cytoplasm, cell wall, cell membrane, chloroplasts and vacoules be viewed in plant and animal cells under a light microscope?

Answers:Light microscopy has a resolution of about 200 nm, which is good enough to see cells, but not the details of cell organelles... I attached the link for the website. I hope it helps! :)

Question:Please tell me which parts of cell can be seen under a light microscope AND those that can only be seen under an electron microscope. THANKYOU! :) I mean list out all of the parts that can be seen and those that can't be.

Answers:Under Light Microscope you can see: 1)Nucleus 2)Cell Wall(in plants) 3)Cell surface membrane Under Electron Microscope you can see: 1)Cell surface membrane 2)Vacuoles 3)Golgi body 4)Rough endoplasmic reticulum 5)Smooth endoplasmic reticulum 6)Mitochondria 7)Nuclear membrane 8)Nuclear pores 9)Nucleus 10)Nucleolus 11)Cell wall(in plant cells) *Some other thing you can see under light microscope but not in electron microscope is cell division since the samples in electron microscope have to be dead.

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Red blood cells under microscope :This is my red blood cells in my leg. I used a binocular AmScope microscope, with total of 1600X mag. It came with a special camera to attach to one of the eyepieces.

Scenedesmus algae cells under the Microscope :These are my scenedesmus cells under the microscope. Sorry for all the camera movement (the vid has been taken with my cell phone camera). I think I was using 1600x of zoom at this moment. The lens is quite dirty as you can see (because my partner tried to clean it and actually made it worse). If you happen to know if this is scenedesmus dimorphus or quadricauda I'd appreciate it. I'm trying to produce oil with this strain for biodiesel production. And still studying the best media and nutrients for it to grow.