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Question:can you please help me design an experiment that investigates the effect of temperature on the rate of anaerobic respiration? we must use a a glass apparatus that volumetrically collects gasses emitted from liquid solution. i'm not trying to get someone to do my homework for me, we're allowed to get help on this part. doing the actual experiment is the big thing, but i'm not even sure how to go about designing it. any help is greatly appreciated :)

Answers:You should use yeast in your experiment because it is one of the most easily attainable substances (grocery store). With yeast, it is very important to have sugar dissolved in the water. Test the differences in amounts of gasses emitted from yeast at different temperatures of water. In your water you should have the sugar and yeast. Perhaps the yeast package will have some sort of quantity of sugar you will need. If not, then look for a recipe that involves yeast, such as bread that needs to rise (not quick breads). Think along the lines of cinnamon roll dough. I hope that this helped.

Question:recently, in class I conducted an experiment to investigate how temperature affects the rate of respiration in yeast. My experiment was kinda like this: I poured some yeast in a test tube and covered it with a balloon, that's all you need to know. I think this is anaerobic but i aint sure n am not taking any chances so am just confirming. Is it anaerobic or aerobic? What are the products (the full word equation plz!)? btw as i kept heating the test tubes, the balloon would expand more and more depending on the temperature

Answers:Um, that isn't all we need to know. what were the results of the experiment?

Question:I have to do a prac in science to show aerobic respiration. I was told that the utensils would be very similar to those I used proving anaerobic respiration-yeast, test tubes, water, sucrose and a balloon. But, I'm unsure as to how I should go about it.

Answers:True, usually, the materials you mention are used to demonstrate anaerobic respiration, but can be used for aerobic respiration, too, if you set it up the right way-- put the balloon over a test tube containing a yeast/sugar/water solution. As the yeast respire, they will produce CO2 and the balloon will inflate.

Question:does anaerobic and aerobic respiration occur in us humans at the same time? just as well as do they work the same but just as anaerobic respiration does not require oxygen and what exactually does anaerobic respiration do?

Answers:Anaerobic and aerobic respiration does occur at the same time in humans because the first few steps of respiration do not require oxygen. The difference between aerobic and anarobic respiration is the number of ATP molecule that can be produced. When oxygen is present, 36 ATP molecules are created as opposed to anarobic respiration that only produces 2 net ATP molcules.

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Anaerobic Respiration :Free Science Help at Brightstorm! brightstorm.com The process of anaerobic respiration.

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