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Question:Do you know of a good web site to learn all of the 206 bones of the human body that might even include interactive learning? (such as click and paste matching) Or a site that i can print from the web as a study guide? I want site on a college level, im taking A&P1 and we have a test next week.

Answers:Here it is...

Question:Ive already tried the Hannah Montana song... but it doesn't give all 206 bones. We're learning anatomy tomorrow, and I need to learn them fast!! We only have 3 weeks of school left!! Please help!!! Thanx!!

Answers:Here's what I do when I need to memorize stuff like that- divide the body into sections, like, arms, legs, torso, etc, and print out/draw pictures that show all of the bones in that section, unlabeled. Photocopy them, so you have a lot of blank copies. Then practice filling them in, without help. Do it over, and over, and over, and over. Take them with you wherever you go, do it while you're on the bus, etc. It's just brutal repetition. Works for me though.

Question:I have an exam where I need to be able to locate and name all of the bones in the human body. I have yet to be able to find a single diagram that lists all of the bones in a manner where I can read them.


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206 bones ; lovebone :there are 206 bones in the body, how would you like another one ? (: