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Question:I'm trying to find Algebra: Structure and Method Book 1 online so I can do my homework cause I can't get my textbook from locker (jammed), so I'm stuck trying to find an online version of the book and its nowhere to be found! I don't even want the answers, just a pdf version of the book or something. I'll give the person with the best answer 10 pts!


Question:Hello I had a few questions about Algebra before finals and i would love it if you guys gave me an explanation. 1. I was taking notes and when I re read them I was wondering a few things. He put- Step A. (6)dimes=(40-a) (5)nickels=a Step B. 5a+10(40-a)=290 5a+400-10a=290 -5a+400=29 Step C.-5a+400-400=290-400 -5a/-5=-110/-5 a=22 Step D. their were 22 nickels I was wondering in step b where did he get the 10 from in 5a+10(40-a) By the way he calls this the 5 step plan if this helps. 2. Brian 0' Reilly earns twice as much each week as a tutor as he does pumping gas. His total weekly wages are $150 more than that of his younger sister. She earns one quarter as much as Brian does as a tutor. How much does Brian earn as a tutor. Could you please do this problem for me step by step. 3. Some finals help? Thank You very much!!!!!

Answers:This is probably too late for the finals, but hopefully it'll help if you're still in need of it. It appears that you incorrectly wrote down the steps for 1. You really need to have the word problem that you were trying to answer. Taking the answer in D, and placing it back in A, you get (6)dimes = (40 - 5*22) or 6 times the number of dimes = -70, which cannot be correct since the number of dimes would have to be negative. In step B, the second line is transformed into the 3rd line by simplifying the left side (combining -10a & 5a to equal -5a) and by dividing the right side by 10. Anything you do to one side of an equation has to be done to the other side. If you divide the right side by 10, you must also divide the left side by 10. This was not done. In addition, if your teacher said it was a 5-step plan, then there is a step missing. Again, the problem might make more sense if we knew what the original problem was (what you had prior to step A). For the second problem, you've got more to work with. Here are the steps: X is what Brian makes pumping gas. Since he makes twice as much as a tutor, he makes 2X as a tutor. His sister makes 1/4 * 2X or one quarter of Brian's tutor wages. Brian's wages for the week are X + 2X or 3X. That amount is 150 more that what his sister makes, so subtract the 150 from Brian's wages to get what the sister makes in a week. The formula becomes X + 2X - 150 = 1/4 * 2X simplify: 3X - 150 = 2X/4 multiply both sides by 4 to get rid of the division: 4(3X - 150) = 4*2X/4 12X - 600 = 2X now solve for X subtract 2x from each side and add 600 to each side: 12X - 2X -600 + 600 = 2X - 2X + 600 simplify 10X = 600 divide both sides by 10 10X/10 = 600/10 X = 60 Since X = the amount Brian makes pumping gas, he earns $60 pumping gas and twice that or $120 tutoring. Brian's sister makes one quarter of Brian's tutoring wages, or $30. Brian makes $180 per week which is $150 more than his sister, so the answer checks out.

Question:I forgot my book at school and would like to study for a test. The test is on radicals and radical equations.

Answers:I tried searching for the online reviews but was unsuccessful. However, since your test is on radicals and radical equations, I suggest you use some of the following sites: http://search.freefind.com/find.html?id=5014414&pageid=r&mode=ALL&n=0&query=radicals (A great website with tutorials, practice problems, etc.) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nth_root (Online encyclopedia with many rules of exponents and radicals) http://wolfrad.math.com/homeworkhelp/HotSubjects_sqroots.html (Website with tutorials on using square roots) http://mathworld.wolfram.com/search/?query=radicals&x=0&y=0 (Online math encyclopedia with information on radicals) http://regentsprep.org/Regents/mathb/7D3/radlesson.htm (Great tutorial for some radical problems) The above sites should be more than enough to get prepared for the test. Hope this wasn't too late. Peace

Question:i really need the answers to pass the class;where can i find them? for the whole book i heard there's a website where you can get the answers.HELP! please && thank you!

Answers:Try asking your teacher for help. Cheating is not the answer.